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My Beauty Routine 2021

I have had a surprising number of requests lately for my skin care and makeup routine ... and so I figured it was time to jot it down. It has changed some since the last time I posted about it ... so why not update that.  The number one question I get is ... are you still using Beautycounter? ... and the answer is a firm yes. I am using BC plus some new fun add ins, and swapping it up some in the summer, but all in all I am still very focused on clean beauty, products that really work, and finding things that work for and are great for my skin.  Add in daily sunscreen and you have it.  

I am really happy with my skin, which is not something I could have said five years ago.  I remember when I looked at my mom and she had less wrinkles than me.  She is religious about her skin care and it really made me think twice about my own.  I know own more products, know a lot about green skin care, and am really happy with how my skin looks.  At 51 that is something I am really proud about. 

But ... let's break it down by day + night and makeup, since we are all now wearing that again. I would love for you to make a list of the Beautycounter products you love and want to try and then order them with the link at the end.  I sell them and would love to be your rep.  😉

Morning ... 

I wash my face with Beautycounter Lipid Defense Cleansing Oil and then follow it up with Supergoop Daily Dose (sunscreen with vitamin C) and then Beautycounter Countertime Antioxident Soft Cream and two drops of Beatycounter Brigtening Oil no. 1 and lastly  BC Ultra Renewal Eye Cream. This combination is so good for me in the warm months when my skin gets all gooped up with sunscreen etc to protect it from the sun.  In the winter months I use a different cleanser and sunscreen when the air is dryer and I need way more moisture. I follow all of this with a large glass of water and my vitamins. 

Evening ...

I once again wash my face with Kate Somerville Daily Foaming Wash and then follow it up with a number of things. Sometimes I wash it twice it feels so good. The evening is when you are supposed to use your potent serums and potions so they have the time to soak in over night and do their magic.  It might be my favorite skin care time of the day, it all feels so relaxing going on. Here are the products and their order. Don't skimp on evening skin care, it is so good for you and preps you for bed. 

BC Counter+ Overnight Resurfacing Peel (pure magic)

BC Recovery Sleeping Cream combined with two drops of BC Plumping Face Oil no. 2

BC Ultra Renewal Eye Cream

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm

All my vitamins

Sunscreen ... 

I use Beautycounter sunscreen along with Supergoop.  I only use clean sunscreen.  If you do your research you will find that so many ingredients in typical sunscreen are just not safe.  I am using sunscreen to keep my skin safe from the harmful effects of the sun and while doing so I need to make sure it is safe.  It is a firm issue for me.  While we were at the beach I wore this on my body, this on my face, and then this on my feet.  I was so happy to not burn at all not even a tiny bit, but I was pretty crazy about reapplying. I also wore a big hat and sunnies nonstop. I am pretty convinced that the extra lbs in my suitcase was all sunscreen ... well, and snacks.  While we were at the beach I was very diligent about removing sunscreen on my face at the end of the day and I used a combination of Kate Somerville Extensive Pore Exfoliating Treatment and then added a thick layer of Summer Fridays Cloud Dew, it was the best feeling. 

Masks ...

I love a great mask.  They can be such a great way to relax and reset.  I really love to put one on and then needlepoint or read to completely lean into the relaxation.  I use one of three at the moment.  Summer Fridays, Beautycounter no. 3, or Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair Mask.  I also use a mask applicator which is amazing!! 

Makeup ... 

I am not the biggest makeup wearer, but I do have my basics that I won't break up with, maybe ever. I found during mask wearing days I lived for mascara + brows + great lip balm.  Since we are back sans masks I have added in my favorite cheeks, highlighters, and lips and it feels so good. Simple but yet pulled together is the ticket for me. 

Concealer - Merit Concealer Stick in Cream (I love the BC one but it tends to be the wrong color for me a lot of the time)

Mascara - I really love a good tubular mascara and I swear by this one.  I have such issues with skin under my eyes and I have found the best mascara is one that I do not have to rub to take off.  This one is great, and I love it.  A lot of people are recommending Cover Girl Clean Mascara so that may be one I try soon, but until then Thrive it is. 

Brows - BC Brilliant Brow Gel in light

Cheeks - BC Color Pinch Cream Blush in Hibiscus (looks so good on everyone)

Lips - BC lip gloss in Petal and if I need more then Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk.  Last week I pulled out some old favorites and you all loved it.  I got more messages about my lipstick color than I had in weeks about anything at all.  I have three of these ... and I use colors 35, 30 and 20. They seem to have new colors, so maybe it is time to snag some more. 

Highlighter - Westman Atelier Light Up Highlight Stick in Nectar

And that is it for me.  It is a lot but it is also so easy once you get in a groove.  I can't deny that I am aging but I want to do it gracefully and take good care of my skin.  I love the way it feels and looks, and I love what I use. I love and sell Beautycounter and if you want to check out any of the products listed I would love for you to shop with me.  You can do so with this link, and thank you!!  

If you have any other questions pop me an email!! Oh, and ps ... I am a Weezie towel addict, if you can't tell from above!  I love using their towels for all things but face care for sure. These images of me are unedited, except for lighting, and makeup free, and I love them. 💗

Have the best week! 👍

1 comment:

  1. Hey Paige!

    You may already be doing this, but thought I'd mention that your skin care routine should extend past your chin and down your neck!

    I read AGES ago that the neck and the back of the hands are a dead giveaway to a woman's age, I guess because ladies concentrate on everything north of the jawline.

    I usually use whatever's left on my hands after I do my face and smooth it up (always UP!) my neck, and if there's any left after THAT, it goes on the back of my hands (although at 62 I'm seeing the signs of age there so I'd better up my hand care routine!)

    Your skin does look good, so looks like you've found the products that work for you -- kudos!



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