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Weekend Review

Happy, happy Monday
!  I will confess that Monday used to be a day I dreaded, after a few days with just my people it was hard to start a week knowing it was back to regular scheduled programming.  Somewhere along the way that idea shifted and I now embrace Monday as a clean slate, a new beginning, and one that needs to be loved and embraced.  This week was so good for me.  I did a lot of thinking about last weekend's inability to relax and reset and made it a mission to really dive in this weekend.  I turned down not one, but two, friend invitations to go shopping and really just stayed in and tackled the mess that was my life.  There were piles, and there was a list of things I needed to do.  I can say as we ate dinner last night with me newly showered and ready for the evening I felt so much better about so many things.  I don't relax well, I have learned that about me, but I forced it and when 7 pm hit yesterday I was relaxed. I am proud of myself.  Do not misunderstand me, I got so much done this weekend, but it was all things I had wanted to do at the house, lots of tidying and organizing, and lots of things on my "that needs to be managed" list.  I will say it again, I am very proud of me

I also spent a lot of time working on a project that will launch on October 1. If you listened to my Podcast episode you know what I am speaking of ... and it is definitely pushing my boundaries. For most of it I do not know what I am doing, but I am working my way through it.  I am excited, I love growth ... and this brand is growing!!

So ... what is on the radar for this week?

I will be sharing our bed this week ... even though the linens are not done.  This bed is so good and I really, really love it.  Stay tuned for that. Also, I finished the kitchen, so I will be videoing that for you.  It looks good and some simple changes gave it more space ... even if nothing big changed.  You will see what I mean. Also, I have a fun project to tackle, some great blog posts scheduled ... and just life.  

So ... cheers to Monday, I hope yours is amazing!! 💗

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