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One Classic Shoe Four Ways ...

Anyone else an over packer? Guilty here for sure ... and every single time I make the effort to combine and wear the same thing in a different way I always find it so rewarding.  With two trips coming in September I am trying to plan ahead and do just that.  My Sarah Flint Natalie flats are my most favorite flats and I find when I wear them I feel so pulled together.  They are extremely comfortable and easy to pair with almost anything, so I decided to use it as my go to shoe for one of my trips.  With that shoe decision out of the way I could then decide what to pair it with.  With September being so transitional in many places I decided to pick outfits I thought would be great for anyone.  And I love how great the Natalie pairs with all of these outfits.  It doesn't distract from any of the cute pieces, and even adds the classic piece I am always craving when I get dressed. 

So that being said ... here you are.  One show, the classic Natalie flat, shown four ways.  I love them all and have gathered everything I don't already own so plan on seeing these looks in the next weeks. 

Navy dress, Cross body bag, Hermes Twilly, Tortoise hoops, Black sunnies + Natalie flats 

If you don't already own this flat I highly recommend it.  Like I mentioned before it is super comfy, so classic and so well made.  The Italian leather is so soft and magical.  You can use my code SARAHFLINT-BAPAIGEM for $50 off your first pair. 

Happy Tuesday ... 

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