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Monday Thoughts ...

Happy Monday ... I hope you are safe from this bad storm and enjoying a slow start to your week, we all could use it. I can't believe September starts in two days, August drug on forever ... but it was a good one.  We celebrated our 26th anniversary last week, my parents their 45th, lots of special memories for August.  With the exception of school starting it may be one of my favorite months in the year.  I don't think I am ready for September, but it is coming in fast so here we go ...

Some things on my radar for the week ... 

Our bedroom
.  I have moved a few things around and we got the new bed, WE LOVE IT, and I am waiting on the upholsterer to finish my euro shams.  This week I have a chair I am going to give some pattern love to and a darling garden stool to share with you.  I also snagged some darling chairs from a resale shop in Roswell and I really think they will be darling with a new piece I moved in.  I hope to have it all finished for y'all this week and I will share the second I do.  I know I keep saying it, but, we love our bed.

I mentioned last week that my favorite pajamas are back in stock, so grab them while you can.  These are so comfy and the pups make them just the best.  I ordered my regular size and they washed and fit perfectly.  Snag them while you can!

We have another pinhole leak, this time in the den, so there is that.  UGH.

Omg, I have the most fun giveaway coming sooo soon.  Keep your eyes peeled to Instagram for that one.  I am so close to 50k and I am celebrating early.  Stay tuned!

Yesterday on Instagram I shared I had two boxes of Mottahedeh Blue Dragon picnic plates and I wasn't keeping mine.  Mine sold immediately, but I am sharing where I got mine and they have more.  If you missed out on them and want to order ... check these out.  The plates tin and are amazing, I just have too many plates.  Ps., I love all things Mottahedeh. The plates are identical to those above, with the exception of them being tin and have a darling gold border. If you missed out order yours asap. 💙

Oh, and one last thing.  My discount code for Home Themed Home ends tomorrow night ... so make sure if you want something you snag it quickly.  I ordered the darling football for college football season ... it's so cute.  The code is PAIGE for 10% off. 

Have the best day.  I just finished my second cup of coffee ... so here we go!

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