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Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 10

While I was prepping for our vacation, which I think went on longer than I needed, I found some amazing things to add to my collection.  I pulled both some old and new items to take with us and, while I wore only half of what I took, I am now enjoying all the dresses I bought and am loving them transitionsing back into real life.  When I buy things I try to buy items that I know I will use again and again and what I keep becomes exactly that.  I am having a major dress moment right now ... they are so easy to wear, put on, and can be styled so many ways ... so this post is most definity dress heavy in the best way possible. 

First up, the Nap Dress.  I have seen people buy and love these for a long time and just never jumped in, until I did.  I bought my first one on eBay a few months ago and found myself wearing it a lot at home as a great and comfortable piece. I bought an older plaid one and loved it immediately so I decided to take the plunge and get the newer ones.  I love a dress.  This dress reminds me so much of ones my mother would make when I was little.  It didn't have straps but it came on a bolt and it was smocked at the top and then flowed.  You just cut it off and added one seam and bam!  The Nap Dress is so comfortable, wears so well, and is addictive for sure.  I was saying recently that it is the warm weather version of my cold weather addiction, my Dudley fleece.  The Nap Dresses sell out, so if you see a pattern you love snag it. I bought the Blue Botanical (still available in M and up) and a darling blue and green that is sold out. 

Next up ... my Golden Goose Superstar sneakers. I swore I would never buy GG and then I did in a weak moment and now I am having to apologize to every single person I told I would never buy them. I found mine on The Real Real for a great price and the pattern I chose is so me.  They are beyond comfortable and I know now why everyone raves about them.  They are equivalent to my Tretorns and know I crave to wear them.  They are good for dresses, jeans, shorts, almost anything at all. I have linked to the site where I found mine and discovered there are a ton to choose from, even some really darling ones.  I love this pair in a size 7, this pair in a size 8 that is on sale, and this cute pair in a size 8 also on sale! If you are just like me and said never, maybe you should check them out. I buy a number of items from The Real Real, their selection is so good and the prices are amazing.  I got my shoes for 20% off which ended up being a discount of $109.

I invested in some new eyeware in the spring and have really loved wearing these Diff sunglasses.  As you know I wear glasses so eyeware is so fun for me. I snagged this pair of sunnies and I have worn them sooo much. I get a lot of comments and questions about them and here is the link and all the details, they are stunning! The sunglasses are currently on final sale for $40 and can be used as part of the buy one get one sale. Here is the same pair I have in a darker tortoise which I love for fall.  I would snag the Sasha and this pair which I also have and love.  I am pretty sure my girl left them somewhere on North Captiva Island ... so I need to grab a second pair. 😎

Swim shirts.  I love them.  I first saw Carly post about them a few years ago and I dove right in and snagged two of them.  They are amazing for the beach. I pair them with a highwaisted bottom and can go kayaking, stay out all day in the sun, tubing, walking, and anything else to keep my skin safe.  This trip I wore them at the end of the day since we had access to huge umbrellas, but in times where we don't I wear them exclusively.  I bought two more this year while I was buying some other items and am so glad I did.  They will be ready for next summer or any other beach trips we decide to take this year.  I own a navy solid and a navy stripe and just ordered a white and this darling print.  I spend the extra money while they are on sale (which they are now) and have them monogrammed.  It is just so fun and makes them even cuter! I think the persimmon monogram is so darling on the blue and green print I just ordered.

Another must have for me ... packing cubes!!  I have a set from Lilly which I love and use and just ordered another set recently which to be honest I love even more.  This set is bigger (more pieces) plus its deeper (amen) and the bags are labeled with pictures that tell you what to put inside. The best part, since there are so many pieces, is that I know what it is it before I have to unzip. I ordered the green leaf print but almost ordered the forest green.  I may order that set for Nathan and have it monogrammed for Christmas!! 

About a year or so ago ... maybe more my friend Libbie was telling me about a beauty product she was using.  Libbie Summers is one of my most brilliant friends so when she shares something I listen. One of her beauty guru friends had recommended some makeup for her and she ordered them and loved them all.  The one that was new to me was a foundation stick by Milk that I loved on her skin every single time I saw it in person.  When I stopped into Sephora before we left to snag a few things I saw a different Milk product as a option in the smalls section by the checkout.  You bet I snagged it and I love it. I have worn little or no makeup in the past weeks and I have dabbed it on my cheeks and lips and I love the glow and color it gives me.  Like I said, mine is very little, but I would definitely get a bigger one when this one runs out.  It is the perfect pink for sure! I snagged Dash but also loved Werk.  

Have the best day ... ps, it's almost the weekend. 💥

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