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Weekend Review

Wow, last week was a lot.  We did not arrive home from our vacation until Sunday late afternoon and then Monday hit hard.  It is such a shock to the mind to go from complete relaxation to a huge list.  I feel like it should be banned maybe.  Tuesday evening my girl was injured ... and the rest of the week was trying to manage my list and help her and by Friday night I was burnt out.  Bless that sweet girl, she worked so hard to be able to make the varsity team, and although she did may it (thank you Lord!!), she is out for a number of weeks.  Praying so hard this passes quickly and she is strong when she gets to play. I made the decision that I would not take on too much this weekend and really relax.  Try to decompress and stay off my phone and chill.  I did a fair job of both, but I think I need some work in this area, I seem to have a problem not adding things to my schedule, something I seriously need to address. But ... here we are, it's Monday and it is a brand new, clean slate.  

So ... let's do this. 

To recap my weekend ... here is what I am working on, thinking about, and what will be coming soon!

I shopped a few antique shops and found some amazing things.  I have a fun announcement coming tomorrow ... so stay tuned.  The shop keeps growing and I am definitely trying to catch up with it mentally ... but I am thrilled with all of the growth and all of incredible finds making their way to new homes.  I love every single thing about the shop ... it brings me immense joy.  So ... news coming, stay tuned for that tomorrow. 😘 (Also, I had major FOMO of friends shopping the Longest Yard Sale ... that is most definitely on my list for next year.)

We unpacked and set up our new bed!!!  I am working with Frontgate (my absolute favorite!!) and we are doing some things to our bedroom and our bed which arrived more than a month ago finally came out of the boxes and is set up in my room.  Now ... it is a huge mess in there but the bed is magical and I can not wait to share it with you in a day or so.  I had been waiting for new flooring in our room to set it up but on Friday I just decided I was over waiting on it and my husband made it happen.  I came home Saturday afternoon to him installing it and it was just so good.  I can not wait to share ... I am playing with our new bedding to get it right.  Of course you move one thing and then it just snow balls.  This bed, it is just magical

I am getting back to house projects this week and I am very ready.  Now that the kitchen leaks are fixed, drywalled, and painted and my white lamps are here and installed I feel like I can move forward.  I found a pair of perfect shades still in the plastic at an estate sale and I am now deciding whether to leave them as is, or to cover in fabric. So ... stay tuned for that along with a sneak of all going on in our bedroom.  I feel like this will definitely help my anxiety as I have some serious messes going on ... that need to be tidied up asap!

We finished off our key lime pie last night and I was sad it was gone.  There is something about key lime pie that just makes me so very happy.  I use this recipe and instead of making my own crust the last two times I used a premade pecan crust by Diamond that we really like.  I first had the pie at Uncle Bubbas in Savannah and googled like crazy when I came home and discovered the recipe.  It is hands down the best key lime pie I have tried. This pie. It's so good. 

I perfected my cold brew this weekend and I am thrilled.  I love iced coffee in the middle of the day and when we travel I always find it so fun to order but then when we come home I am sad.  So ... I ordered some new flavors and played a bit and I love the result.  That will be coming later this week.  I also spotted a new coffee shop to try ... and I am pumped. We don't have a local coffee shop near us and I think it is a true shame, I love visiting a great coffee shop. 

Here's to a great Monday and to a easy week for all. 🎉

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