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The Preppy Podcast ...

I am super excited today to share that I have recorded a podcast with the darling Preppy Podcast. Patricia, the incredible host, had been asking for a while to have me on and the timing just never worked out.  When she asked again a few weeks ago it turned out to be ideal timing for both of us.  I am thrilled to share the episode went live today ... and is ready for all to listen. 

Patricia is good, she asks great thought provoking questions, she has great follow up questions, and she does her homework.  I most likely told her more things that I have ever shared in any interview.  We start with my childhood in Florida and talk so much about blogging in 1997 and how it all grew.  It was so good and, honestly, so therapeutic to think about why I am still writing and creating after the past few years.  I started my blog and continue to write 14 years later to inspire me.  It is therapy for me. If the blog or anything I create inspires anyone else its just icing on the cake.  Life is hard and being creative is a huge outlet for me.  We finished recording and the rest of the day I felt so centered and re-inspired to just keep creating, and for that I will forever be grateful. 

If you aren't familiar with Patricia she owns her own PR company and is passionate about small businesses and cheering them on and helping them achieve their goals. She also writes a great blog sharing her home, her style, and travel.  I asked her about the podcast, how it began, and her thoughts on it all. 

"I’ve had a blog on and off since I was in college (like circa 2009ish). The blog has changed over the years but I’ve always interviewed designers and business owners throughout the years on it. I toyed around with doing this on a podcast for years as that’s how I consume interviews and business advice these days but just didn’t know how to start. When the pandemic hit I saw all of my my clients and fellow brands struggling as small businesses and wanted to help them in someway so I decided to dive in and finally just try and start a podcast to share their stories and journey with others on what makes them so special! I literally had no idea what I was doing but found an amazing editor and am just kind of figuring it out as I go! I really enjoy it and have built a following I’m so proud of, I get about 600 downloads a week. And have connected with so many amazing people and learned more about the struggles and triumphs of others. We can learn so much from others!"

Each Tuesday a new episode of the Preppy Podcast goes live ... and this week it's me.  I would love for you to check it out, and let me know what you think.  And make sure you follow along ... she interviews such amazing people and if you are anything like me you love learning about others. 💗

Have the very best day!

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