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Monday Thoughts ... (+ TSC Prep)

I am really thankful for a new week.  The last month was hard and having my sweet father in law in hospice broke my heart.  He died peacefully in his sleep early Tuesday morning and I was incredibly thankful he was no longer hurting.  He deserved the best as he always gave his best.  Now we just have to remember him and his hard work and his legacy each and every day.  I woke up this morning feeling so much lighter and more focused than I have in a month.  I think the worry of him hurting was truly killing me and this morning I was thinking of him the way we all knew him best and it brought light and a spring to my day.  

I am incredibly thankful. 💗

This weekend was the beginning of the fall temperatures for us.  In Georgia it is known as "fake fall" since it can easily get hot for a bit more before it cools off, but I truly enjoyed it.  I spent a ton of time outside today and it was good to be able to do things and not feel like I would pass out from the humidity.  I love that feeling.  I have spent more time on the porch in the last week or so ... it is once again porch weather and I am here for that one hundred percent. 

I am prepping for fall outside + packing up for the fall Southern C Retreat in Athens this week and I feel amazing about both of these things.  I hit up the local nursery this morning and found such pretty things along with a gift or two for my besties.  I have a super fun stationery company to share this week so I had to get my goodies purchased.  Sometimes, ok always, I have a super hard time transitioning to fall so I worked on some ideas to get my fall on as well as to share with my besties.  I can't wait to show you.  

On the packing front I am super excited about the outfits I am taking.  I will only be gone two full days ... but to attend anything Southern C related is to overpack. I have two outfits for Wednesday, two for Thursday and then one for Friday along with two sets of pjs and extra things to be photographed.  I am pumped.  I have never really spent any real time in Athens and I love it so, so this will be really great for content and posts after.  Get ready for an expanded Athens guide coming soon. 

I grabbed three things today I can't wait to wear ... this dress (styled differently), this pair of jeans, and this jacket.  Can you even with that gingham jacket ... and its currently 50% off!??  I also snagged these shoes (also on sale!!) which will be a fall go to with jeans and leggings so get ready to see them on repeat.  I have a trip to the mall tomorrow with my girl who has some gift cards so I will have more items to share that I am taking, I have one thing to exchange for a smaller size and a pair of shoes to pick up.  I also really want to check out these earrings, aren't they so fun??

Prepare to see this outfit as one I will be wearing later this week.  I snagged the gingham coat for this outfit and I am really into the tonal feel.  

I hope your day was incredible ... here's to crisp mornings and hot coffee!

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  1. Who makes all the pretty things in the photo? Love the sweater. Thanks. Teal



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