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Jenna's Yellow Jeep

I know you loved yesterday's post ... the emails I got were just incredible.  Jenna Shotmeyer's story is truly magical and so very inspiring. I told you today I would share the piece she designed for me and today here we are. This yellow Jeep is so very me.  It is filled with all sorts of estate sale finds and would totally be me driving home if we still owned our Jeep.  It will happen again, I just know it.  A yellow Jeep is in our future. If you are not sure what a yellow Jeep means to our family you can read that story here

You can purchase prints of this piece on her website here. It is beautiful, it is fun, and for me it shows that God is always near me.  So many of you connect a yellow Jeep to our family, which brings me immense joy. When I put it out on Instagram yesterday asking if any of you wanted to make a guess of the piece she designed for me every single one of you guessed correctly. 

I love it so much.  I can not wait to get it framed. It will live in my office where I can see it daily.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jenna.  This piece will always remind me of you and our work together. 


1 comment:

  1. OMG, Paige, what a wonderful post yesterday and today. Jenna is amazing. She is gorgeous, inside and out, and extremely talented. Her yellow jeep is you to a t. Thank you for introducing us.



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