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A Perfect Breakfast Idea

When I was planning what to pack to take to Athens my list also included snacks, a cheese tray, and a breakfast idea.  I was excited about being able to enjoy the house we rented and I wanted to try out something I wanted to make, a toast board, and I figured a group of girls was perfect to use as a test subject.  I stopped at Trader Joes on my way out of town and snagged all my ingredients for both the cheese board and the toast board so that when we arrived in Athens it would be all about the events and the shopping would be done.  It turned out to be the perfect plan as the traffic was bad and we arrived later than planned.  But ... all my shopping was done so I didn't feel the stress I could have. 

Win, win. 

For me ... eating off of a board is always a great idea.  I think it is because it brings people together and around a table, whether a coffee table, porch table, or kitchen table... and sitting down with those I love and adore fills my heart. My love language is quality time and any time I can gather people together I definitely enjoy it.  My idea was to have two different kinds of bread plus all sorts of toppings so that we could make ourselves different kinds of toast for breakfast. 

Spoiler alert, we all loved it

I packed up two trays (including my new one from The Preppy Desk), napkins, a bowl, a few spreaders, and all of my ingredients.  It was easy to do, I added my supplies from home in the side of a reusable tote and then added my market ingredients inside and was able to make it happen with one oversized bag.  When Friday morning arrived I gathered all the pieces together and over coffee + some fun fall music made breakfast. 

We sat down for about 45 minutes and had the yummiest toast.  I was so excited to see how the girls put together their toast and even took some notes.  I made one piece with avocado spread + scrambled eggs + hot sauce and another of almond butter + sliced apples + bananas + honey + granola.  They were both so good and I have been craving them since.  Also on my plate was a piece of bacon plus some berries.  I was so full I could have easily skipped lunch. I used this recipe for the scrambled eggs and I loved them.  I have now made them this way twice and will not go back to my original way of making them. 

My market list ..

Sourdough bread sliced
Wheat bread sliced
Ripe avocados
1 lemon
2 Honey crisp apples (I used one for the cheese board)
2 bananas 
Almond butter 
Individual packets of honey
Blueberries + Blackberries 
Plum tomatoes (which I completely forgot to use 😲)

I would love you to let me know if you make this happen for you, pop me a comment or an email and share what you used and if you loved it as much as we did.  My husband doesn't love fancy toast so I will make it again when my besties and I get together.  The last time I branched out and made a bagel board we all absolutely loved it.  I am telling you, it has something to do with the board (or tray).

Maybe this was just the idea you needed for this weekend.  I sure hope so. 

Happy Friday .. 🍳

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