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Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 11

Happy Monday
... I am a little sleepy from all the activities last week and then Homecoming this weekend, but in the best way.  It was a fun week and my girl was the cutest for the dance.  She had the best time and I was up early Sunday morning waiting on the sofa with all the coffee to get all the juicy details.  They had a blast ... and their group is so cute, oooh ... high school.  It will another busy week as their volleyball team has made it to the finals and my girl has been cleared to play so ... all the prayers please for the safety of her ankle.  

Does life ever slow down?  I think not

Aren't they darling?  I just had to share, they were all so pretty and it was so fun to see them all glammed up and not sweaty and stinky. 😉 Such fun girls!  Well, and boys too. 

I am here this morning with another volume of one of your favorite blog posts ... things I bought and loved.  There have been so many great fall items and I am starting to think about holiday shopping so my radar is definitely up for the good stuff.  I think you will love all of the items I have for you today, I sure do. 

First up .. this darling shirt!  I told you last week I loved it and then a ton of you snagged it.  It is so fun and so easy to wear and I think it would be amazing even with a blazer so it is making the list.  It is soft and that bow is just perfect.  Highly recommend you check it out. It is also still on sale so it ends up being $63 which is great for a piece I deem a true classic. 

This darling headband!  I borrowed my friend Meredith's when we were in Athens and loved it.  I go so many compliments on it and I ordered it immediately.  I have the silver one, so does Meredith, but how fun would the gold one be? They are priced so reasonably I would suggest one for yourself and then one to set aside as a Christmas happy.  The sparkle is perfect for holiday. 

These jeans.  I think they are perfect for those of us that are venturing out from skinny ankle jeans.  I think a fun crop is so fun for fall and winter with booties and loafers.  I tried and tried to get these before I went to Athens and had no luck.  They are back in stock and also on sale. I will go ahead and apologize for how many times I will be wearing them.  I am headed out of town again later this week and these are the only jeans I am taking with me. They are really, really good. 

I have a whole blog post coming this week on this darling trench coat but I just noticed it is 50% off.  I have it, love it, and have worn it in both the rain and just to be cute on a chilly evening.  I love the gingham and it is so easy to pair with the light color.  I really don't wear a lot of beige and light tan and I can tell you that wearing this trench has made me rethink that.  I would pair this with a great pair of jeans (see above) and tee for a fun day look and then a pair of off white jeans and cream sweater for a great monochromatic evening look.  It is so fun to wear, I highly suggest you check it out. 

As I have stated before I really love my Weezie towels and this makeup towel is one of the best pieces I own.  They come in a pack of two so you can break them up if you want and make two gifts out of them.  I recently did just that and added some fun self care items to the bag, and it was so well received.  But who doesn't love a soft and effective towel.  Weezie makes incredible products and you can check out their towel sets for gifts and the new robes they released as a partnership with Roberta Roller Rabbit.  They are just so cute

Dudley Stephens tops are my go to in the chilly months.  They are so cozy and so warm, not to mention adorable.  I just spotted a few items on their warehouse sale that would make great items to grab for you and for gifts.  For example, this sweatshirt, I would grab one for you and also one for every girl you need to buy a gift for this year.  They are cozy, the colors are so good, and you can not go wrong with anything Dudley. 

I hope your Monday is truly amazing! 💗

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