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Introducing The Preppy Desk

I love stationery.  I think I have loved it since I was a small child and I was sending letters to my grandmother.  She was an avid letter writer and kept up with many friends and family via snail mail.  She would send me letters weekly, all which I still have, and I would send some in return.  I was never committed the way she was.  But, this action as a child definitely made me a lover of handwritten notes and letters, and by extension a lover of stationery. 

As you all know, I am also a true lover of all things monogrammed.  I honestly think the first monogram stationery I owned was given to me as a wedding shower gift with my maiden name to send thank you letters for my new treasures.  I loved it, was instantly smitten, and between that gift and the first piece of monogram clothing I owned I have never looked back.  I am constantly searching for darling shops to continue my monogram + stationery collecting and I am thrilled to share with you my newest find, The Preppy Desk

Just the name alone is a perfect fit for me.  I am a true classic prep (with a twist) and we just fit perfectly as two women owning small businesses.  Bridget White sent me a direct message introducing herself and her darling company and I will tell you her name and her logo had me at hello.  Bridget is darling, her items are so fun, and she is a true fellow prep at heart which can be seen in every single item she creates and sells.  After attending a whole session on branding last week I will tell you she has nailed it and does not stray one single bit.  I have the honor to work with her, get to know her better, and share with you what she has created for me.  

I think you will love it all

Bridget designed (on her own) a trio of happies to send to me.  She sent me a Chinoiserie Pumpkin  platter, these precious napkins, a coordinating notepad, some darling monogram gift tags, and a stunning monogram needlepoint bangle.  I put my happies to use immediately dropping a happy to a porch and Athens and to tie on some snack mix I made for my best friends to survive Homecoming week.  The platter was used, also in Athens, to hold toast for the toast board I created for Friday morning's breakfast and I have a full post coming on that yumminess later this week.  As you can see Bridget nailed my style perfectly, and created something I will pull out each fall to personalize happies I love to pop on porches and hand to friends and people in our life.  I am a gift giver and each one is definitely made better (for me) with a monogram custom tag. 

Don't you love it so much??  Stay tuned ... more goodies to come along with a recipe to make this yummy snack mix and a tutorial on how to bag and tie it up.  Keep your eyes peel to Instagram for that goodness. In the mean time, here is my interview with Bridget who is just precious. 💙 

First of all, tell me about yourself. Where did you grow up and how did your childhood influence your life and your business today?

I grew up in a suburb of Kansas City where I still live today. My childhood has been a significant influence on my life and actually my business as well. My mother and her classic taste, love of design and beautiful things has had the greatest influence on me. She loved to design, whether it was a room, an outfit or a table. She taught me about color, scale, patterns and so much more! She loved to shop and we did plenty in my formative years! We shopped all over Kansas City for antiques, clothes, fabric, home décor etc. We also had the fortune of being able to shop all over the world. My father had a business that took him all over the globe and my parents both loved to travel. So I had explored the U.S., Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Europe before I was 18.

I attended private Catholic schools K-12 and wore a uniform. I actually loved my uniform! It was classic, plaid and tailored. I have always loved a good plaid and classic clothing from a young age! J When I went to college I was having panic attacks about what to wear to class every day! What? I had to pick out an outfit every day! Not that I didn’t love playing with prints, patterns and accessories but that was something I did just a couple times a week for mass or going out with friends. And what was with my sorority sisters who had 12 pairs of jeans!! 12?? I had 2! This was a whole new world for me! I digress…

I had a very traditional upbringing, as a child I loved art, swim team, playing tennis and soccer. I have 3 siblings, 2 older sisters and a younger brother. We spent our summers competing on swim and dive team and participating in Junior Tennis League, Junior Golf and spending weekends at our lake house.

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up, and how did that play into who you are today?

As a child I wanted to be an artist and a doctor. I was born with a congenital heart defect and had open heart surgery at the age of 3. Because of the wonderful doctors in my life who cared for me as a child, it inspired me to do the same. As I approached my college years it was clear that art was my major of choice.

My love of art and (I didn’t even recognize) design at a young age absolutely played into what I am doing today.

Tell me all about The Preppy Desk.  

The Preppy Desk began in 2018 as a creative outlet for me. My beloved mother had lost her battle with cancer the year prior and my siblings and I had walked that difficult journey with her every step of the way. It had been an intense 19 months of caring for my mother and traveling to MD Anderson every month for her treatment. After she passed, I took a year to settle her estate and grieve.

Then I reached the place where I wanted to celebrate her and do something creative again and The Preppy Desk was born! A place to find the perfect personalized stationery or gift for yourself or someone special with concierge service!

I love your logo and all the pink and green ... it is what I would consider true prep. What does preppy mean to you, and why did you chose the word in your name?

Pink and green is what I consider true prep too! The Official Preppy Handbook was a staple in my home growing up. My older sister was really the true prep in the house! She was 3 years older and wiser and I distinctly remember the Christmas she received the handbook, calendar, and official preppy snapshot photo book. I still have a copy today.

Preppy to me is inherited, passed down from generation to generation. It’s treating others with class and dignity. It’s knowing how to be a good hostess and guest. It’s taking the time to send a handwritten note or thank you. It’s never showing up empty handed. It’s always tipping. It’s gracious and poised. It’s classic, traditional and timeless.

I chose the word Preppy in the name of my business because it reminds me of my mother and conjures up nostalgic feelings of a particular lifestyle.

What do you think is an idea list of stationery items to own?

The must haves for your stationery wardrobe are a set of flat and folded card along with a notepad and gift tags. I love a flat card for a quick note or thank you. The folded card really allows you the space to write more and express your thoughts and self. I must have a notepad on hand for my store list, to do lists and to send a quick note to school or a neighbor. The notepad also comes in handy for when you are sending out baked goods or a meal to a family in need to attach a note and heating instructions. Lastly, the gift tag, I love gift tags! They are fabulous to have on hand for all occasions to throw on a gift, bottle of wine, baked goods, a bouquet of flowers- the list is endless! I absolutely adore stationery and all the endless possibilities! I love assisting patrons with their selections and helping them coordinate their wardrobe! It changes throughout the cycle of life as well. We have stationery for each family member, Alex and I as a couple and family cards. I think family cards are a must!

What is the most common mistake with stationery?

The most common mistake with stationery people make is they don’t use it! A hand written note is one of the most treasured gifts you can give! I can’t find an email from last week but I have letters I received 20 years ago.

Share two people who have inspired your journey and why?

I really have so many people who have inspired me along the way including you Paige! I have been following you for over 9 years and you inspire me every day! I look forward to your posts and stories. Whether they be family, artistically or spiritually inspirational it was exactly what I needed that day!

My husband and two children have truly been my biggest cheerleaders and I could of never of done this venture without their support. I have to include my mother and father too. My mother for her creativity, love of design and my father who was an entrepreneur. They both instilled hard work and the freedom to dream in me.

What is your favorite way to unwind?

I like to unwind at the end of the day after all is done by relaxing in my bedroom with a good magazine or needlepoint. It’s soothing to unplug and revert back to “old school” activities to relax and look for inspiration.

Five must haves.

My faith, My family and Mini Aussie “Casey” (an homage to our hometown KC), My friends/walking buddies and laughter, My Yeti tumbler filled with ice water, and Chocolate

Favorite quote. 

All that I am or hope to be I owe to my mother – Abraham Lincoln

Make sure you add The Preppy Desk to your must shop list and check her out for gifts for holiday, everyday, and of course, for you.  You can follow along on Instagram as well.  And ... all of you must check out this darling tray.  Isn't it sooo good??

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  1. What is the back side of your gift tags? This I think is a great gift idea. Know that I would love to get these!



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