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The Southern C Fall Retreat

art market on Thursday afternoon

Athens was sooo good. You know I am a big supporter of all things Southern C and I was really excited to try a smaller workshop vs Summit which can have around 400 attendees.  I also really love Athens and do not spend any time at all in this darling small town so "living" there for a few days was really so fun.  My friends and I rented a house and loved having time in the morning and at night to recap our days, bond, and talk all sorts of business (and personal) related things. The house was truly stunning and I could have written a whole blog post on the house, its location, and the decor if I had not been so immersed into all things small business.  You can see more of it here, and if you need a rental for a game, this one was so good. 

lawn party on Wednesday for cocktails and nibbles

So, let's chat retreat.  We worked on a deep dive into our businesses.  From branding, to five year plans, to what we want to achieve, to things we should not be doing, to balance (it doesn't really exist), to partnering with like minded women also wishing to do and create the same.  It was good and I took so many notes I will be diving into over the next week or so.  I will be making some changes, not big ones, but ones that create more consistency for me.  Honestly, I am so excited to get deep into what I love to do, which is write and create!

lawn party Wednesday ... Buru dress + bag + shoes
earrings by Tiny Tassel

Morning session Thursday ... 
custom Buru dress + headband + bag + old sunnies + Hazen + Goldbug bracelets
(My cute friend Mary Graff)

I met some darling women and was introduced to some amazing businesses, those local to Athens and those who were represented at the conference.  I can tell you this ... there are so many amazing creatives with incredible ideas just waiting to work with others and to share their vision for their business.  I feel like small businesses have blown up (in the best way) with all of the time we have all spent at home during the pandemic.  I think the creative juices have been flowing, and people have done well pivoting with their companies and their ideas.

a sneak of the toast board I made for breakfast Friday
(more details and ingredients coming this week)

afternoon session on Thursday 

We attended sessions, we hit up shopping venues, we ate, sipped, snacked, dined, listened to speakers, ate, sipped, slept, spoke to many other creatives, and repeat.  It was really just so good. So ... I am home, energized, full of ideas and ready to tackle the last three months of the year.  

I hope your weekend was amazing, and happy Monday! 💗

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