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The Fabulous Melissa Smrekar ...

I fell in love with all things Melissa Smrekar about a year ago when my friend Nicole shared she was gifting me something she had learned about from Melissa. When I inquired more she shared with me that I was about to adore Melissa and her strong self and cheeky wit.  She was indeed correct, Melissa is a favorite follow for me on Instagram and someone I admire and adore.  Melissa reminds me a lot of my youngest who is also someone who has a strong sense of self, is well spoken, can convince her very well educated and extremely un-waivered in most things father with a perfectly executed power point, and speaks her mind.  I adore all things Melissa. She is bold, she is self-assured in the best way, and she is funny.  You will love her ... 

Recently she released a beautifully curated and cheeky set of needlepoint canvases with the darling Jessica of Lycette Designs.  Each canvas is so fun, evokes a giggle, and is absolutely the epitome of Melissa's charm.  From the second she shared each one I made my list of the order in which I wish to purchase and stitch each one.  I wish to begin with one that is unexpected for me,  Please No Children.  Since we have three children and our house is always filled with a bevy of teenagers ... this one is sure to capture the laughter.  From there I will work my way through the collection and end with the darling Bemelmans drawings, an illustrator and author whom is a favorite of mine.  Each canvas is so fun, so unexpected when added to your home, and honestly ... very me.  I don't love sports (for me), would love to be a lady of leisure, and after spending a few years of my teens living in Texas definitely believe in the beauty of big hair.  😂

Melissa's darling one of kind home was recently featured in Southern Living which you can peruse here.  Her motto of living a life you can't swipe up for has given me even more confidence in my own home.  Hang the painting where you choose, buy the one of a kind no one else loves, and most definitely hang the cheeky "to the bar" sign on the back of the powder room door.  I love catching her stories of her beloved cat Gwenivere and her darling poodle pup Tippi who is every bit the diva as she plays with other pups at school. After following along for a bit I have discovered her confidence in sharing her opinions of popular items she does not care for ... and I can not get enough.  It is refreshing and, oh so charming.

Her love of color, pattern, and whimsical items is just so charming.  I have looked at these images so many times as I own the feature issue and every single time I find something new I did not see before.  

If you do not know or follow Melissa then this was a true treat for you, if you do you completely agree with my girl crush.  She is fun, she is fabulous, and she is what I hope every young girl hopes to be one day ... strong, amazing, confident, generous, and so much fun. 

Happy Thursday ... 

Home photos via Southern Living and shot by Heather Halbert
Needlepoint image via Lycette Designs

1 comment:

  1. Am a recent MM follower on IG - I think because of you!! You are SO right about her! She is beyond fabulous and her white whale feature on IG is pure joy and entertainment. She's truly a girl's girl with wit, style and humor. Just like you Paige! Happy almost Friday. :)



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