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My Favorites ... Travel Edition

Oh travel
... I think one of the things I missed most about quarantine was the adventure of traveling.  But ... we are traveling, some, and enjoying smaller trips instead of bigger ones and getting out there to some extent, and I love it.  I have so many places I wish to travel, see, and things to do and have a running list.  Let us all hope that next year is the year that this crazy virus finally gets under control for the duration. One of my favorites things about travel is packing and getting ready for the trip.  I have worked hard to find pieces that I love to travel with, and a system that works time and time again.  I am thrilled to share those pieces with you today, and after, to suggest gifts based on this list. 

So ... let's pack together, shall we?

First of all my luggage.  I have a rolling suitcase for carry on that I got at Homegoods, nothing special, light weight and does the trick.  I also have a bigger version of the same suitcase for checking.  I have found over the years that getting something that can be replaced is better for me then investing in something I am sick about when they dent it the first time I check it.  Ours are both navy, I add in handle covers (more about those below) to identify them amongst all the other navy bags and I do not worry about them getting beat up.  It isn't the outside of the bag for me, it's the contents and the destination that matters. 

Next, Barrington Gifts is the answer to the question ... where do you get all your great travel bags?  Barrington. Gifts.  Don't forget it. 😉 My favorite thing about Barrington is the level at which you can customize all the designs.  You can make them truly your own in every single way.

I use this bag for overnights ... one or two nights I can get away with this bag alone. 

I use this bag for weekends, and add in my hanging bag for anything I need to hang.  The tote holds so much and makes an excellent carry on if you have checked a larger bag. 

My St. Anne totes are amazing for everyday and for adding in to a rolling suitcase to carry on. They are roomy and the pockets along the side are so good for holding things like passports, sunglasses, snacks, books, etc. If you have a large Louie or tote I use this organizer inside to keep things nice and tidy.  I have the largest Louie and if I am taking a road trip I use it and this organizer and never lose one single thing.  I am very type A and love knowing where my things are. 

Inside my bags I use these bags (small and large Helen) for my makeup, my hair products, and my medicine.  I have purchased every single travel size I can find to make things easier for traveling.  All of the travel size items I leave in my travel bags and only use when I do go somewhere.  You can refill them with your favorite products and they are ready for any and all adventures. You can find travel sizes either at the drug store or Target for common items.  If you are using specialty items I would check with the company themselves and most definitely Sephora. At the holiday travel sizes of luxury products are easier to find. These bags were a little pricey but I love them so much and they are so sturdy and useful.  I highly recommend

I also have another clear zip bag that I keep in my bags for cords and the like.  Inside you will find a charger and plug (that always stays here), this portable charger, a hair tie, and usually some sort of lip care.  It is so very useful and I haven't forgotten a phone charger since I made this bag.  These Truffle bags, small and large, are perfect for cords, etc. 

I love packing cubes.  I have a set from Lilly and then just bought this set when we traveled to North Captiva this summer.  Travel cubes are excellent friends.  This new set I have is labeled for what is inside and honestly its my favorite set.   

This is my sunglasses case ... and I have a number of them to hold my sunnies and readers. 

This is my accessories case for inside my purse.  I have a second one for my computer charger. 

This is my laptop case

This is my passport case, my bag tags, and the handle cover for my rolling bags.  

These are the towels I take with me for makeup removal.  I pack one in a Ziploc bag and then when I use it and it is wet it can travel safely home. 

I use these bags for my needlepoint projects.  They are fabulous

If you like a hanging toiletry kit I would recommend this one.  I have given it as a gift and it was truly so loved. 

I have recently fallen in love with traveling with a valet.  When you get somewhere you know have a space for your phone, keys, change, and chargers.  It keeps all the items very organized ... and unfolds flat when you arrive. 

This summer I found the benefit of traveling with a reusable water bottle and now swear by it.  You go through security with it empty and then on the other side get a large water or I got an unsweet tea and ice and then had it for the flight and after.  It was so useful and stayed cold.  

And the best thing about Barrington ... customization, just look at this goodness you can create!!

For gift ideas I love the following pairings ... 

The Captain's tote + a truffle bag

Sunglasses case + some fun sunnies

Passport case + bag tag + suitcase handle wrap

Rolling suit case + handle wrap + packing cubes

Packing cubes + passport cover + handle wrap

Accessories case + sunglasses case

Truffle bag + charger, plug + portable charger

Hanging bag + bag tag

Valet + bag tag + handle wrap

Laptop case + accessories case for charger

St. Anne tote + accessories case

Travel bag + an assortment of their favorite travel size products

Accessories case + needlepoint bags + monogrammed Lands End tote 
(for your needlepoint friend)

Overnight duffle + water bottle + accessories case

If you missed the first favorites list you can find it here ... Bed + Bath and coming soon, beauty!

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  1. Good morning, Paige. Just an FYI -- a lot of your Barrington links are broken. I keep getting 404 messages for many of the items you've recommended . . . :-(



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