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Short Sleeve Tops to Layer

I discovered a few weeks ago that I am lacking in great short sleeve (or not long sleeve) tops.  When I found myself wearing the same darling black top again and again I realized I needed to decide why that was. I love this top, it is so comfortable and so flattering and works with a variety of jean styles and shoes.  In the fall in Georgia you can have days that are in the mid 70s and so a sweater, even a light one, seems to heavy.  The fall and winter is the time I wear jeans the most and with those jeans I love a sweater, a great long sleeve top and a light jacket ... and in times like now where it is still pretty warm a shorter sleeve top.  

And I am truly lacking in that category. 

I have this darling top in both black and white and truly adore the style.  I have worn them repeatedly since buying them, but also, I needed to find one or two more that fit the same style. With some digging I found a number of items, some in the exact same style, that would fit the bill.  I have worn this shirt enough to know a few things about it.  It is comfortable, long enough to cover jeans (high waisted and otherwise), gets a number of "I love your top" compliments, and is a great crisp and thick cotton.  The thickness is perfect for the times that I don't need a real sweater ... and can, instead, add a cute jacket to my shoulders.  

So ... here are my picks for you.  As you can see a number of these are identical in style to the one I have, and others are just great options. They are all so cute layered under jackets, whether worn on your shoulders, or completely on. I love the top of each ... the necks are my favorite part of the shirt. 

Try them out and let me know what you think ... I picked out two and then pre-ordered the red tartan one.  I will be wearing mine this weekend with a darling jacket, check stories for that information. You can find my jeans here ... and these are those fun and very comfortable shoes

Happy Friday ... 

1 comment:

  1. Paige. Tuckernuck has quite a few super cute lightweight tops too!



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