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Amazing + Beautiful Homes ...

Happy Friday ... I hope your week has been incredible.  Where have I been all week?  Buried under boxes I need to ship for the shop and decorating for Christmas.  I will be back next week when both are done with so much to share and all the time to devote to all sorts of fun things.  Last minute shopping, tutorials, hacks, and the like.  I am so close to finishing all the things on my list this week ... so I can just write and play all next week.  

I hope you have checked out the incredible tour I shared on Tuesday ... there are so many stunning and beautiful homes included, you do not want to miss any of it.  I am sharing again so you can make sure to see them all, and to pin any ideas you want to remember for this year and years to come.  

Here you are ... the full tour! Make yourself a big cup of coffee, put on some Christmas music and just enjoy!  I hope your Friday and your weekend are just magical. 

  Monday, November 29th (Front Porch/Outdoor Spaces) 
  Tuesday, November 30th (Entries/Dining Rooms)
  Wednesday, December 1st (Living Rooms/Dens)
  Thursday, December 2nd (Kitchens/Laundry Rooms/Misc.) 
  Friday, December 3rd (Master Bedroom/Kid's Rooms)

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