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Jewels At The Greenbrier

It will be of zero surprise to all of you when I tell you that Hazen & Co. is one of my most favorite small businesses.  I absolutely adore Taylor and her team and their incredible customer service and philosophy of running the business.  What I love most about Taylor, beyond her precious heart, is her creativity, and her incredible collection photo shoots.  When she told me her newest collection was shot at The Greenbrier I spent all of one second before I said ... "I am going to need those images."  

As a lover of color, history, and all things grandmillennial I have had The Greenbrier on my visit wish list for as long as I can remember.  The hotel is incredible and the interiors are unmatched. I am a huge fan of the whole hotel, it's decor, the feeling of seeing the images, and of course, the designers Dorothy Draper and Carlton Varney. And the history ... I honestly think I could write a book on my love for this darling and magical place.

To put it simply, I am obsessed.  

So when Taylor shared that she shot her look book at the hotel I was absolutely sure I would be sharing the images of the hotel and her stunning jewelry.  I know that jewelry can be loved by many, but there is something about the pieces that Taylor creates that just has me completely smitten.  I love wearing her pieces and to be at the store to have my arms "styled" by her right hand girl Frances.  I had the opportunity to visit a month about a month ago and I absolutely love what she chose for me for the season. The collection, which launches today,  is heavy on greens, blacks, pinks, and golds ... and I am absolutely here for it

One of each please + thank you. 😍

I do not own a number of their pieces in black and I am telling you I will be adding them asap.  I love them all stacked up together for the extra punch of classic, and the Molly in black onyx is my absolute favorite one she is wearing here. 

I am smitten that barrettes are also included in the holiday collection, I love Taylor's barrettes and these are truly so very pretty.  This one reminds me of a classic and very classy shoe. 

That carpet, the colors, the gold handrail.  I truly cannot take it all in. 

You can shop the whole collection today, live on their website.  I honestly can not chose a favorite or favorites, it is all so beautiful.  As always, I am inspired by Taylor's designs and the images from The Greenbrier make my design loving heart so very happy. If you have time today check out the website for a few images of the hotel all decorated for Christmas.  If that doesn't get your mind spinning on all you can do in your home I do not know what will. And the agenda for the week of Christmas is something right out of the best Hallmark movie, maybe ever. 

Per usual, well done sweet friend.  Well done. 

Happy shopping ... 

Images shot by Heacox Creative



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