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Without A Hitch ...

From the time I met Mary Huddleston in 2019 she spoke of the book she was working on with such pride.  As an event planner working for one of the largest outlets in Dallas, Texas Mary as most definitely seen and worked on some crazy events.  What I have always loved about Mary is her incredible work ethic.  I noticed this the first time we planned something together.  She had asked me to come and collaborate with her on a tablescape in Nashville and I literally showed up and it was completely taken care of, every single detail.  We were shooting and she took a break to go to the bathroom and I could hear her making calls to check on a project while she was in the bathroom peeing.  I was blown away, she literally never stops.  I knew then and there that Mary was a girl working on a plan. 

Partnering with a long time friend and author, Mary and Asher have written an incredible work of fiction, Without A Hitch.  Not only is the cover just darling but the book dives right in to the life of Lottie Jones, an event planner working for a large planning company.  It is evident right from chapter one that Mary's life as an event planner has definitely played out in this darling book. What I love most about it is how fun it is ... I would call it a cross between a great beach read and Devil Meets Prada with all the drama. You must order it and read, you will love. 

Knowing and working with Mary for the last two years I can tell you this, she does not stop.  She hustles, she plans, she dives in, she takes on big projects, all while writing an excellent blog and helping her husband run their large event rental business, Please Be Seated. She is a worker bee in the best way possible.  I mention this because having learned that this book took them six years to write does not even begin to shock me.  Mary is all about the details and she has definitely delivered them in spades in this book.  I am telling you, listen to those who have read it and order it immediately. 

I have and love my copy and think it would be darling for a book club for the new year, a great stocking stuffer, and definitely a fun happy for your girlfriends, sisters, and anyone who loves a great + fun read. 

Mary, I am so very very proud of you.  You nailed it girl ... and you did it while looking like a boss and all while smiling through life.  You should be very very happy.  You continue to blow me away ... and push me outside my bounds, thank you so much for those experiences.  I adore you. 

You can snag it here ... and I am not surprised at all to see it picked as an Editor's Pick AND as #1 New Release in Southern Fiction.  

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