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My Gift Shopping ...

Anyone want to talk about the fact that we are 15 days away from Christmas?  I mean, wowza for sure! As I am prepping today for a small brunch at my house tomorrow I am heavily gathering gifts for my best friends and family.  The remainder of my wrapping paper arrives today and tonight while watching movies I intend to start wrapping.  I love buying and wrapping gifts, I get so excited about what I picked out for my loved ones.  

I can not give you specifics on what I bought for whom, but I can tell you what I have purchased, just in case you need some more ideas. Since I have both family and besties reading I will be very vague to protect those special gifts.  I have purchased a few things that are new to me and I am super excited to share them in the next weeks with their recipients.  I also have three people with birthdays this month and that always makes gift giving even more fun.  I do love a holiday birthday!

New to me ... the Chappy Wrap.  I bought one for myself a few weeks ago and have completely fallen for it.  The Chappy is, hands down, the favorite blanket in the house.  I keep it on the sofa and both my girl and I can be found snuggling with it multiple times a day.  I sit with my coffee first thing in the morning and snuggle with it and again in the evening.  This blanket has been the best purchase to encourage my girl, 17, to snuggle with me to enjoy it together.  I have now bought two more, and need one more. They are the best.  I  bought one grey and two blues.  I really love the blue ones!

This darling devotional
.  I have now purchased 12 of them.  They are darling and perfect for a hostess gift.  I am gifting one to the darling lady across the street and another darling friend in the neighborhood.  They are beautiful and so well written. And the price is perfect. 

This is essential for those of us that take so many photos on our phones.  

Need some Christmas pajamas that will also work year round?  I got these ... and they come in green and blue as well ... and for both men and women! This is actually a pajama set I know my husband would wear. 

This is a must have for families.  I snagged two of them!

The best candles for all your grandmillennial friends.  I grabbed both the blue and the pink ones!

I received this candle as a gift and immediately lit it.  I can tell you at the moment it is the only candle burning in our house and I have no less than four holiday ones just on the main floor that are very sad they got ignored this morning.  It smells heavenly, and, its Dodie Thayer.  Yes please!

J.Crew is 50% off and you know I love all things Crew.  I would grab these jeans, these pajamas, and this sweater for sure.  If you are in need of a jacket, this one is so cute and so warm ... I wore mine yesterday for a long line to an early morning estate sale. It is so good. Those jeans are worn by me every single day and they are currently less than $50, I would get two pair of them. 

Every single friend I have owns this ornament thanks to me.  Could it be any more perfect for us, and them?

I bought this scarf for someone who is always cold.  It looks so warm and I know it is so very soft. 

This fridge is just the best and I think it is perfect for any teenager for their room.  It holds all the La Croix they can pack in it!  

I bought three of these.  I have never used one, but the reviews are hard to ignore!  I would get it fast!!

And if you are like us and your man is obsessed with his Traeger I suggest this, this, and this.  Luckily my man does not read my blog!  😉

If you need some gift ideas ... send me an email and I will try to help!  

Happy Friday!

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