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Murdaugh Murders Podcast

I am obsessed.  I have been completely sucked into the unraveling of Alex Murdaugh (pronounced Elic Murdock) since the moment I started reading and listening to this podcast.  A little back history, I have a pre law degree and had full intention of going to law school and working for the state attorney's office as a prosecutor. During college I worked for a number of law agencies and firms as a clerk + paralegal for experience. When I graduated I settled on one law firm to work as a paralegal while I studied for the LSAT and took some time off before law school.  

Spoiler alert, my path changed.  But .. I am still super sucked into any sort of criminal law situation and story.  Sucked into and can not stop reading.  Maybe I will always be that way. But I digress. 

So this situation.  I could not begin to describe all of it to you, but I will give you a simple time line. I would recommend listening to the podcast above, which is based on facts and research, in the order in which they were released.

Alex and his family lived in Hampton County, South Carolina.  He is was married to Maggie and has had two sons, Buster and Paul. Alex comes from a long line of solicitors and a family that has controlled the county for many, many years. They have an empire in the and many are on the payroll and the rest are shaking in their boots afraid. 

A young man mysteriously died in July 2015.  
Since day one the Murdaugh name has been tied to this case.

The Murdaugh's nanny/housekeeper "fell" down the stairs at their home and died in February 2018.  Her family filed a wrongful death lawsuit which Alex and some friends conspired to steal the money that came from the suit.  Until this year the family didn't know the lawsuit had settled or any money was released.

A young woman was killed in a boat crash in February 2019, that boat was driven by Paul while he was very drunk. Her name is Mallory Beach.  This death put them in the spot light.

Maggie and her son Paul were killed in June 2021. Two guns, killed at the same time. Recently it has been released that crucial evidence has been found that Alex was at the house when they were shot.

Alex was "shot" as he was changing a tire Labor Day 2021. He has now said he set that up as a suicide mission to set up his surviving son with a life insurance policy. No evidence of a gunshot was ever seen on him or noted in medical records.

Alex was arrested in Orlando leaving Rehab on October 14, 2021 for charges of two felonies.

He was charged with 21 more charges on December 11.  

The total charges against him now number 50.  

His client is still in jail. He is still under investigation in numerous SLED investigations. 

This is far from over. 

I am telling you this is unbelievable.  Once you begin to listen you simply will be blown away.  You will be sad when you hear of these victims.  You will wonder what his wife knew and when.  You will wonder how he slept at night.  It will grip you.  If you are interested in these types of stories and podcasts, you will absolutely "love" this one.  I say that in quotes because it definitely is not something that seems appropriate in this case. 

I will give you some advice.  Not all the news is fact based and not all of it is reputable.  I would suggest you subscribe to FitsNews and only read theirs as they are investigative reporting and their stories have brought forth so many victims and is absolutely slowing solving this case. 

It is riveting. 


  1. I've been on this one from the early days- I get the Post and Courier online (Charleston born) and it caught my attention. It is riveting. And so unbelievable. My dad and I dissect this case with every news post and podcast. I think there will be so much we never know!!

  2. My oldest daughter (attorney) and I have been following this case since day 1. Sometimes we both feel that this is a made for TV movie and not real life. The latest unraveling with his best friend and bank CEO being fired after they discovered fraud. And that the fraud was on the life of a disabled deaf boy who mysteriously died after his ventilator came unplugged? Really? My daughter is listening to this podcast and need to get started!



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