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My Plan For This Year

Have you seen the funny response that Ina Garten had to Reese Witherspoon's goals for the year? I loved Reese's goals and I really loved the honesty of Ina.  Honestly I am somewhere in the middle.  I definitely love that Reese is making some great goals for herself and ones we should all adapt to, but also, I can really resonate with Ina. Covid numbers are high, worries are high, times are hard. I think we need a mix of the two and to be able to say ... some days I am good and some days I struggle.  💗

Here is my plan ... 

1. Drink more water. 
2. Get outside for fresh air, even if its humid and gross. 
3. Make dinner more, and then have left overs for lunch. 
4. Write ahead of schedule. 
5.  Do something every single month outside my comfort level.  I did this last year and really loved it. 
6.  Needlepoint an hour a day.  I feel so much less stressed when I do. 
7. Start and end my day with God. 
8.  Have bad days when I need them and own them. 
9.  More water. I think I exist in perpetual dehydration.
10. Just be. 💕

There are a couple of things on the list that I need to do for me, and when I do them I am always super thankful I did.  One of those is make dinner.  I will be honest, I don't love to do it, especially at dinner time.  I have found that if I plan ahead and even make it earlier in the day I do better.  Today I have a crockpot going for dinner with this recipe. It will be ready before dinner and then they can just dish out and warm it on their own since I have plans.  I feel so much stress making dinner at the time of the day I am the most tired and spent, so doing it ahead always works for me.  I will be doing this a lot more. 

Number 5 is one of my favorites on the list.  I, like everyone, loves their comfort zone.  But ... I also love adventure so I need to be somewhere in between.  Last year I did things like take myself to lunch and sit and eat the whole meal.  I have never eaten alone, and I didn't love it, but I could get more used to it if I did it more.  I also pushed myself to take a class by myself ... and I learned so much more about needlepoint doing so.  This year so far I made homemade macarons in an online baking class (more soon) and it was amazing.  The macarons were fantastic and my family begged for more, so that needs to be a thing I do.  It was the first thing I ever baked and I felt confident about, so more baking coming soon. 

My needlepoint game definitely changed when I focused on it last year.  Like I said I took a class, I gave a number of pieces to the shop to be finished.  I have already started on five pieces this year.  I find it so very relaxing and it is so much better for me than watching TV or scrolling my phone and provides so much stress relief.  I am so thankful I started this hobby after so much time talking about it.  I find it so very rewarding. 

Where is your head?  How are you feeling?  Are you camp Ina or camp Reese?  Or ... are you like me stuck somewhere in between?

Happy Wednesday!

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