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Packing For Summit

This is just about the time I started making lists and more lists about what to pack for The Southern C.  It is a three day full on fun time to wear so many pretty things, changing at night for dinner.  I love to start my business year thinking about how to best present myself to others, and dressing the part is always the best way for me to do so.  I love fashion, having started my post college (second) working for a men's retailer.  I have always loved picking beautiful clothes and pairing them with accessories + fun shoes.  For me Summit is the best way to show off the most fun things, so overpacking is a normal, and expected, issue.  

What is on my radar?  I will happily share

I will be packing items from the darling retailers I work with, and shooting their pieces while I am in Sea Island.  It is just the perfect background for good clothes and why not take advantage of the goodness?  So, I will be packing items from Holly Shae DesignElizabeth Wilson DesignsVictoria DunnWillow Park Boutique, and a few other small items I will share. I have my eye on three items from Crosby I may take as well, keeping my fingers crossed on that one. If you are not familiar with these darling brands or the amazing women who run them I urge you to check them out.  They are truly lovely inside and out and I am picky about who I work with and partner with, so these are some of the very best!

When making my list of all I will need to take and plan for I came up with a total of six outfits plus two for travel, and of course, pajamas. I can promise you I will be wearing Print Fresh pajamas every single night, they are just my favorite. If you order pajamas, make sure to use PAIGEMINEAR for 15% off your order. 

So, what have I marked to try on to take ... I have made a boutique for you to check it all out.  Not all of what I am taking is linked below, some of it will be a surprise.  😉

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