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Dreaming ...

Do you dream?  I don't mean the kind that we do while we sleep, I mean dreams for the future.  What are you doing now that adds up to a dream you have for the future?  What little steps are you taking every single day that leads up to something big? Are you working towards a goal?  And if not, why?  I know, a lot of big thoughts for Monday morning. 

I can promise you when I opened Blogger that day in 2007 I had no idea of what this blog would become for me.  I was searching for a creative outlet during a hard time as a mother, I had no idea I would continue to pour into it and turn it into a business and be creating the content I am 15 years later.  No idea at all.  But do not get me wrong, I am thrilled.  I took a step that fed me perfectly that day and began a journey of creativity I desperately needed as that young mother.  And here we are 15 years later. 

But along the way I did develop a dream, three of them actually.  And I worked hard, head down, day in and day out ... and here we are.  I am currently working on a project that is a true dream of mine, one I never thought would happen but I kept dreaming and kept working.  

So ... in case you are in a space where you are not sure your dreams will come to fruition I am telling you keep dreaming.  Make a path, work on it daily, keep striving and keep dreaming.  Because one day you will get an email and it will be magical.  You will stop in your tracks at a lunch with besties and be overwhelmed as you see your dream coming true.  

You got this, I believe in you and you should too.  Make it happen, you can do it. 


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