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A Big Thank You

The other day I was talking to a friend and shared that I had been writing this blog for quite a while ... and when I thought back to how long it has actually been I was stopped in my tracks.  My first blog post was written and published on December 16,2007, almost 15 years ago

Let's take a second for that ... fifteen years.  

As I said it out loud all I could say was wow, I can't believe I have been writing and creating for that long.  Now, please know that my blog was not at this level or this refined when I began or even a few years later but it has grown as I have grown and this year will be a big milestone.  Funny enough that anniversary will also be a big time for me so that is a major win, win. 

As I was walking around Target last night I was struck by so many feelings.  If I hadn't decided to take a risk I wouldn't be here.  If I hadn't stumbled through all of those strange and hard posts and my lack of creativity at times I wouldn't be here.  If I hadn't push post so many times, I would not be here.  Honestly, how did it all happen?  One single day at a time.  I can recall a time in the fall of 2019 I was sure I would never write again.  I wasn't sure if we lost my husband I would ever feel that sort of creativity again.  Would it even matter?  

Oh, but God.  He filled me with joy.  He took my trauma and turned it into growth and he has continued to fuel me day and day again.  Another time when my son was very sick and we were sitting with his suicide prevention therapist I was once again sure this would not be important.  Maybe I would take some time off.  The therapist asked me what I did for a living and I told him.  He told me that since I would be his primary caregiver 24/7 I was required to keep writing.  He told me it would carry me.  I can tell you I am not sure what I wrote during those first really hard four months ... but I did it.  

This blog is 100% for me.  It inspires me, it feeds my creativity, it allows me to connect with others, and it has carried me and placed me on my feet time and time again.  The fact that is has garnished me incredible opportunities and internet friends and transformed out house into a home is 1000% icing on the cake.  I am thrilled that my inspiration and creativity that was meant to feed my heart and soul has been something you can connect with as well.  

So, thank you.  Thank you for giving me 15 years.  Wow ... I was so young with such young babies.  

And look us all now.  

You can do this.  Whatever you want to do you can do it.  Let me encourage you.  Find your why and feed it daily.  It might be lifeline for you, it might be the gift you give yourself, who knows.  

Just put your head down, push start, and get it going. 

And thank you for liking my posts, reading my blogs, buying the magazines that feature me, believing in the products I promote, and supporting me and my family. 

It means everything. 💗

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for you joy you bring your readers. I only recently discovered the blog, but i enjoy it thoroughly.



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