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New To Me Sustainable

As my mind continues to think about sustainable shopping I had the luck over the weekend to find some new to me shops that I think are perfect for your list of sustainable shopping stores. The more I think about this the more I come to realize that my hunting and love of finding things barely used is not only helpful to me, but also helpful to the planet.  Look at me being so proud of myself ... ha ... but seriously, I am thankful I have been shopping resale and selling my items for years.  My want to buy and replace, donate and sell has definitely been helpful in building a closet I love and continue to curate.  I think it may be one of my favorite hobbies, and one I have become pretty good at over the years. 

That being said, shopping sustainable is something we must think about responsibly.  Making wise choices is something I have thought about more and more as I get older.  Buying trendy items is not for me, I seem to wear the same kinds of things time and time again so it makes sense to stick to my classic style.  

So, back to the topic, new to me sustainable shops!

Mercari ... I discovered this site after searching for resale Tory Burch Dodie Thayer pieces.  I was scouring the "shopping" button on Google and found that Mercari had a set of 4 green salad plates for 15% less than retail.  Those are the finds I love, even if it wasn't the best price. While I was checking the site I found they resale a lot and the higher end brands are plentiful.  I was down a rabbit hole before I knew it searching for Gucci slides, Stubbs, and the Gucci tennis shoes I have been searching for the last few months.  After noticing the items in my size that have sold, I will most definitely be shopping again and again on Mercari. 

Walmart. Yes, I said Walmart.  I was searching for something else and BAM.  I found a whole section for pre-owned luxury items.  I have said this before, Walmart online is working hard to compete with other quick ship brands and has partnered with a number of amazing brands.  You can find some amazing pre-owned pieces here, and I am not sure many know of it.  I immediately spotted a great LV Speedy 30 (hard to find) and a stunning Chanel bag.  This is an excellent find for me, and for you!! 

Patagonia Worn Wear.  If you love all things Patagonia this site is made for you. Filled with items listed by others, you can score both used Patagonia items and Factory Seconds.  If you love it for winter, and who wouldn't, I would most definitely shop this site. I shopped for just a few minutes and found many pullovers that would be perfect for our ski trip at the end of the year. 

Tradesy.  Another great shop this one is filled with designer and luxury brands.  You can set your preferences and check quickly to see what has been listed in your size and your favorite brands.  I recommend checking these sites often for items you wish to purchase. I hunt all the time for great Gucci bags as I love the classic red and green stripes.  One day I will find one I love and can't pass up. 

Swap.  A lot like Thredup, Swap is a great resource for things you may have seen in a different season and missed out on the first time.  Under the premium brands section I found great items from J.Crew, Madewell, Banana Repulic and Columbia. It would be a fun shop to add to your list. 

Rebag.  This site, which only sells bags, is a bit pricey.  But ... I say that and then I found a few bags I had been hunting.  So, with that in mind I would say that you can find amazing things on Rebag, you may just have to spend a wee bit more.  

So, in the name of sustainable shopping ... happy hunting!! 🛒

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