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Shop Your Own Closet

Happy Monday
!!  I hope you are ready for the week, fully caffeinated, and feeling good.  I know for me I have had to take a read on my own mental health, the news on the happenings in Russia and Ukraine are heartbreaking and very hard to read and watch.  I so wish I could do more, even help more, pray more, and bring more peace.  I do take some comfort in the news that prayer does help them and I will continue to pray until they are safe and this madness is over. It is truly heartbreaking and makes me so very angry and sad. 

One of the things that helps me while I am praying is to tidy.  I think that physically straightening and tidying things helps me to sort out the things I can not tidy in the world. Yesterday I spent a while tidying our house, my office, and getting set up for a good week.  My office had piles and piles of things that needed to be sorted and my room was so messy from packing and unpacking and truly required a deep dive.  I also spent a lot of time needlepointing which also helps to declutter my thoughts and bring some order. 

While I was hanging up a few of the things I just received I spotted some items I have not worn in a bit and I got to thinking ... it may be time to pull out some items and change them up to love them once again.  It is time to shop my own closet.  I was reading this article a week or so ago and I really started thinking, how can I make something I once loved and haven't worn feel new and fun again? 

I have a few tips that work for me and may be fun for you as well.  The goal is to make something feel fun and new again and to wear it in a different way making it look and feel completely different.  

1.  Change out the buttons.  This is one of my favorite ways to change a piece of clothing.  I have a sweater I snagged from Old Navy in December and I wore it over a Nap Dress twice.  It was darling, but I want another option for how to wear it.  It has tortoise buttons and I wanted to trade them out for a cute antique set of brass buttons I found.  First of all it makes it look different, and it helps elevate a $39 sweater to one that looks so much more expensive. The next time I wear it will be over a button down with some jeans and probably plaid shoes since it is most definitely holiday related.  

2. Change the length of your jeans.  Do you have an older pair of jeans that you loved but just don't love so much any more?  The quickest way to change the look and feel of a pair of jeans is to change the length.  Were they a long boot cut?  You can cut two inches off and now they are a cropped kick length.  I have two pairs of jeans I love right now both this length and tried on a pair recently that were similar but too long.  I would absolutely cut an inch or so off the new pair and they would feel completely different.  With a different length your shoe options change and instantly what you may have worn with a ballet flat before looks darling with a tied ankle espadrille.  You didn't need new jeans, you had the perfect changeable pair just waiting to be worn once again. 

3. Transform an old cardigan. Cardigans are so useful and can be modified so easily.  First, you could change the buttons, second you can add a monogram to the chest or to the band at the sleeve.  Second, you could hand embroider a design on the chest, maybe even a fun crest in a few different colors. And, last, you could add a gathering of small brooches in a circle or design.  I promise you the second you wear it someone will want to know where you got your new to you custom piece. 

4.  Make over your wicker bag or tote. Wicker bags are so fun to collect and can be worn so many ways.  First, you can add a fun scarf that will instantly make it look and feel new.  Second, you can cover the inside with fabric which will change the way it both looks and wears.  I would add some darling liberty fabric and ask your local seamstress to add it for you.  And, you can even needlepoint a piece to add to the outside.  I have found a darling bag now twice that someone added a monogram to and they are truly custom and adorable.  How about a monogram on the outside, darling vintage fabric inside, and tied with a ribbon or scarf.  That bag will not only be custom but completely brand new to you. 

5.  Make your denim jacket completely custom. Speaking of adding fabric to a bag you can change your old and loved denim jacket by adding a fun fabric under the collar and at the inside of the ends of the cuffs.  It would look completely new to you and to others when you fold back the cuffs and pop the collar.  If this isn't your look you can add patches to the back.  Maybe with patches from places you have traveled. Maybe with a darling needlepoint piece you stitched.  Or even with a combination of both.  If you have one that you love but are tired of wearing I promise you this will make it feel new again in an instant. 

6.  Select some items and force yourself to wear them. I know things get lost in my closet and most definitely yours as well.  Pick six or so pieces and force yourself to wear them (in a new way to you) and see if you love them once again.  If you find that you either don't wear them or don't love how you have worn them maybe it is time to sell or donate it.  This is the easiest way to force yourself to wear your closet.  I love to do this a lot and find things I forgot I owned, and also, find a stack of items to sell.  Sometimes I am just ready to let it go after all. 

This week I am going to all of these things and I will be sharing on Instagram, so, stay tuned!  I definitely need to do some purging and find some things I love and wear them again.  It is always so fun to do so.  💗

Happy the best day ... 

I added a grosgrain ribbon to a hat I owned and loved + I added a simple scarf to a 
beloved bag to give it a new feel. 

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