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Sample Sales

There are some great deals to be found at a sample sale and I most definitely check them out when it is a brand I love. This week I found not one, but two, great ones to share with you. Both of these brands are brands I love, own, and would recommend repeatedly.  My friend Elizabeth Cook notified me of both of these sales and I thought I would pass on the goodness to you. 

Can we all have a yummy cocktail + shop the sales?  Doesn't that sounds amazing?  Oh, and by the way that isn't a tray of three cocktails, it is a CAKE. I was just chatting with the darling Julie McAllister and that is a groom cake she made. If you do not know Julie, here is the first introduction to her, I will be sharing more of her very, very soon. 😉

First, Sarah Flint!  I love my Sarah Flint shoes and would recommend them time and time again. They are so well made, fit like a dream, and are one of the best shoes I own. They are made in Italy and I take them on every single trip I take.  I love that the Natalie flats are so traditional and go well with everything I own.  During the sample sale you can shop for 55-70% off retail prices on select shoes making this a must check out for sure.  Like I said, I highly recommend all my Sarah Flint shoes. 

Next, Margaux!  I also adore my ballet flats from Margaux.  I was so excited to check out the sale and found three pair of shoes I really loved.  I got two pairs of espadrilles + one pair of ballet flats in leopard that will be something I wear constantly.  The prices on the shoes were so good and I really splurged with three pairs but I got three I will wear over and over again. Margaux is another great sustainable brand that I highly recommend when asked.  There shoes are so comfy and need zero break in time.  You will love this brand if it is new to you!

Happy shopping, I hope you find something amazing!

Julie McAllister cake captured by Chia Chong


  1. I'm delighted you posted about the Margaux sale. I bough the leopard espadrilles and can't wait to enjoy them all year round here in FL. Thank you for sharing!

  2. The pot with the handle is really nice! Where I can get this? Any recommended shop?



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