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All The Dresses

I was looking for a perfect thing to write about today and this lovely follower sent me a message yesterday complimenting my dress collection.  She asked if I would be willing to share some great ones with all of you and her timing was perfect.  Between all the content I had planned to share today I had this day waiting for a great idea.  Thanks to her I had one immediately.  I love wearing a dress almost every day.  I love how easy they are to put on, how great they make me feel, and how I can go so quickly from errands during the day to dinner in the evening with just one shoe change.  💗

With that in mind I have collected quite a few dresses over the years and I am happy to share my favorites and my picks for some great ones available at the moment.  In the spirit of sustainable fashion I will share some that are pricier, like Sue Sartor, but ones you will wear time and time again.  I can promise you my Sue Sartor dresses will be on regular rotation for the time being as they make me feel so pretty wearing them and they truly do look good on every single person. If you would like to purchase a Sue Sartor please use my code PAIGEM for $50 off.  

But, knowing that some can't spring for that price point, I will share some that could be considered fast fashion.  I will be selective, pinky swear.  I have two from H&M that I wear year after year because they are such great basics so to me that is sustainable.  

First thought when choosing a dress, how many ways can I wear it.  This is important to me as I do like to wear things again and again but I don't it to look the same day after day.  Can I add a shirt under it, can I add a denim jacket or a cardigan?  What makes it unique the next time I wear it?  For me the biggest yes in this category is a Nap Dress.  They are so comfortable and I have worn my three so many times.  I just wore one at Summit with a button down underneath and fell in love with it all over again. This is very important to me.  I would rather spend a bit more and get way more uses out of it, than choose a $30 dress I can only wear one way. 

I would wear each of the dresses I am linking below, and have purchased two of them already.  I love a dress that lays well, compliments me, goes from day to evening, and isn't hard to care for when laundering or dry cleaning.  I think I found some really pretty options for each of you.  

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