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Denim Jacket 101

On Monday while cleaning out my closet I mentioned upcycling my denim jacket with some darling fabric on the collar and cuffs.  I got quite a few messages about how to do this and even more comments about people upcycling their own. So much so that I was sure this topic deserved a blog post of its very own.  I wear my denim jacket quite often and found that its a great and easy go to when I am cold or trying to wear a piece of clothing out of season.  It is a great grab and goes with every single thing I have.  Because, you know, it's just an easy piece of clothing to style. 

But, for some it may not be.  So first of all I have some images for you on some great ideas for styling a denim jacket.  I was searching Pinterest for ideas to share and found so many. I have to credit this blog post with all of these darling ideas and all of the images, except one, for the great ideas. I think once you embrace a denim jacket you wonder how you made it so long without one.  It is like finding a great pair of jeans, it literally looks great with anything and everything

Ok, so now that we have decided to wear the jacket with all of our clothes let's chat about embellishing and upcycling them.  First of all, don't let your mind go to bedazzled anything at all because that is 1000% not me.  I am talking about tiny changes that will make something you love even more fun.  Also, if you have one you haven't worn for a while but still love it will change it immediately for you. I mentioned adding fabric to the back of the collar and the sleeves on mine so when I fold them back and pop the collar you would see the pop of color.  I also love the idea of adding patches in a monogram on the left chest.  You know I do love anything monogrammed.  I also love adding patches all over the jacket itself like the one below. 

This image of Ashley Tisdale in this great jacket is what I have in mind, but something that would be unique to you.  Doesn't she look amazing in it?

So ... first of all here are some great jackets for you to shop and then you can decide how you want to wear it.  I love the idea of finding an older one, maybe thrifted, and then adding some details to make it your own.  I think that sounds just darling.  

If you do it pop me an email, I would love to see how you make it your own.  I will keep you posted on  mine. 😉

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  1. hen adding some details to make it your own. I think that sounds just darling.



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