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Toast Please!

Yesterday my besties and I showered another bestie with a brunch to celebrate her birthday.  It has become a tradition for us to sit and soak each other up since our girls are getting older and our time of carpool antics has ended.  The four of us have been close since our girls became besties since fourth grade and their girls are so special to me.  These women have been the world to me and any chance I get to throw them love I do. 

We decided to brunch at one of our houses instead of a local spot and it was so very fun.  I love to sit and soak them up ... they are truly so special to me.  We don't see each other as much as we did when we were all carpooling our girls to school and to every single dinner and sporting event and it is sad.  We sat just trying to catch up on Winter Break, college tours, upcoming prom (say what??), sports, and every day life.  I could have stayed there all day sipping champagne and nibbling.  I love them so.  Last year we did the same thing for another one of us and I created a bagel board, also so very, very good. 

I made a yummy toast board and we ate so well.  My friend made banana bread, sausage balls, and I also made a large bowl of fruit.  The best part of us eating together is that at some point a sea of teenagers comes through and finishes off so much.  Why oh why are teenage girl ravenous all the time?  I used my favorite cheese board and a few pieces from the shop to put together a long board of bread, savory items, and a few sweet options as well.  It was so beautiful and so delicious. I say it a lot and I will say it again.  I love using bowls and fun vessels on a board, it gives it such interest.  Bowls and small dishes are great for nuts, olives, dip, pimento cheese, fruit, preserves, and more. I used these two bowls and this pedestal bowl, both of which are still for sale

My suggestions for a toast board, this is my second one, is to make it a mix of savory and sweet.  Some love avocado toast and some prefer an almond butter and fruit option.  I always use one piece of toast and half it so that I can have both.  I have used a variety of things but I think this list is my favorite to place.  Since Nicole was making sausage balls I decided to forgo the bacon, but bacon is definitely a must have for me. 

Market list ... 

Fresh avocados
1 Lemon (to keep your avocados fresh)
Eggs (either to hard boil or to scramble, both are yummy)
Fresh dill
Fresh berries (to accompany)
Almond butter (this time I used a sweeter option and it was DELISH)
Tomatoes (to slice)
Sourdough or fresh bread sliced
EBTB seasoning
Salt + Pepper

From the market to the board is super easy.  I love to play with it, have some fun, and get excited about watching people create such fun toast.  I don't toast the bread until they use it to keep it fresh and warm.  When I add scrambled eggs and bacon I do them right before we sit down.  The bacon doesn't have to be warm but the eggs most definitely do.  

My friend Nicole has a champagne server and I love it so.  I love that we can set it right next to the table and keep it iced.  It was an estate find for her and now I am hunting one as well.  It most definitely makes you feel so very fancy.  

Now I am craving toast, luckily for me I have just a few left overs, I will definitely have the best breakfast today.  And my darling salt and pepper shakers, can you even?  Those can be purchased here.

Happy Monday ...

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