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Our Porch

I spent most of the afternoon yesterday scrubbing our screened-in porch to prepare it for porch season.  It was covered in pollen, as it always is, and it took a bit, but she is on her way now to a beautiful and shiny space.  I love my porch.  I could honestly spend most of my day answering emails, having coffee, and even reading and needlepointing. I am a true porch girl. 

When I was sharing after a number of you asked about our porch, the furniture, and more, what better time than to share all of our porch pieces? Most of our furniture is from Frontgate, as they are a blog partner, and the last few items are either collected or vintage.  I will share images and then link it all below, the pieces I can link.

I worked with Frontgate during the pandemic to restyle our porch, and it was indeed the perfect time.  I spent most of my days outside and on the porch for some fresh air during that crazy time.  I chose the Hampton seating, and two years later, we still love it as much as we did the day it arrived.  It has held up perfectly, and the colors are great for pairing both navy and green. You can read all about that transformation in this blog post.  I partnered with my friend Ashley Brooke and her transformation was absolutely stunning!! 

Outside we have a large teak table, a striped umbrella, and this rug ... all of which are linked below. I have moved the furniture this year, and I love it, but otherwise, the pieces are all the same.  When it is perfect, you don't need to change it, don't you agree?

Millie definitely agrees, even though she is supposed to be in her bed and not on the settee. 💗

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  1. What a beautiful and inviting and relaxing place. Hope you have many wonderful days spent on the Porch.!!



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