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Wicker Bag Season

The second the air warms up I can be seen using one of many wicker bags in my collection.  Having collected them over the years I find they keep me connected to my Florida roots.  Wicker + natural bags, earrings, shoes, and hats instantly take me right back to years spent in central Florida.  I pull them out once the weather warms up and they don't leave my side until the leaves begin to fall.  I used my largest bag on my trip to Florida last week and got a number of requests for the source.  This bag is one of my favorites, and my largest, and was a gift from the darling owner of The Monogram Corner.  She gifted it to me before my epic trip to Palm Beach in 2019 ... and I have loved it since it arrived.  It needs a bit of a painting repair but that doesn't even change my love for it one single bit. 

I will say this bag didn't fit under the seat on the airplane, but since it was my only carry on it was easy for me to put it in the overhead bin and I wedged it in between two other people's suitcases and she fit perfectly and didn't fall over spilling any of her contents. I love this bag, it holds soo much!! If a market tote isn't your thing she also has a darling clutch that you can customize as well.  I love how perfect it is for evenings and days out in the spring and summer, and if you are coastal, all year long. Honestly, I think the market tote + the clutch paired together are all you need. 

So, since wicker bag season is upon us ... here are my picks for this year!  There are such pretty ones for sale and the choices are aplenty

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