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Hapsy, The Science

If you recall I shared my experience with Hapsy with you here in this blog post.  Hapsy is a CBD company started by a fellow Southern C summit alum Andrea Wightwick.  I met Andrea at this year's summit and walked over to her table during the first session of the day.  She was talking and sharing her company and her passion for CBD and I could not stop listening.  What grabbed my attention was her wealth of knowledge and her personal story. She was incredible.  Long story short ... I took the bottle she handed me with a sincere thank you, took it the next night, and the rest is my incredible journey. 

When I wrote the first blog post I promised you a second one with all the details and deep dive with Andrea.  She is so knowledgeable, not only about her products but the science behind why it works.  Every single time I email her or dm her with any question at all she provides me the information I am seeking plus way more.  I am telling you she is so incredible.  I could listen to her share for ever, she just has so much passion for her company and helping others.  You will truly adore her, I promise you.

So from here I am going to let Andrea work her magic. What I love about her is her detailed knowledge of her product and how it works.  I love that she met me question after question with such detailed responses of how Hapsy works and why I know it works for me. This is a blog post with heavy text and information but it needs to be when you are talking about a great topic like this.  Yes, beautiful photos are important, but this post is all about the information. 😘

Tell me all about how you got to where you are now with Hapsy?  I know your corporate story and I think it is so very good.

Well, I thank you for your interest and the compliment!  I started my 20 years in Corporate America by answering the phones at PepsiCo during the day while attending Georgia State University at night.  I knew I wanted to go into marketing and help bring products to consumers that they would love every day and I'm so grateful that I worked my way up to doing just that.  I spent the majority of my career in brand growth and innovation.  I was able to work for some really amazing clients, where I would help them assess their current products in the market and analyze how and where to grow.  This led to a lot of really fun food and beverage products that I still see thriving today and I smile when I see something I helped build being enjoyed by a consumer.  Naturally, as the 2018 Farm Bill was passed and Hemp was allowed to be produced in the USA again, a lot of manufacturers were asking how to incorporate CBD into their current products or inquiring about brands to invest in and grow.  Now, quietly, as an anxious presenter and new mom, I was taking CBD to help calm my nerves at work.  But, I could never find a product I liked.  They all tasted terrible and/or I was embarrassed to be caught with it.  I would sneak into the office bathroom stall, hiding it from everyone, and it was a terrible customer experience.  After some discussions with a geneticist, I realized you can refine the hemp plant to extract these odors and tastes, leaving a pure CBD product.  It was then that I had the idea for Hapsy and bringing to market something better for the consumer. Once I knew there was a better way to make this product, I figured someone had to raise the bar in this new category and help consumers like me know there is a better choice where you don't have to compromise taste, smell, or quality.

How does Hapsy work?  Can you give me all the good details behind it. 

So, this is where science becomes either really interesting or I start to sound like Charlie Brown's teacher.  But, I promise to try and keep it light and easy! A lot of people might be familiar with our Central Nervous System.  There is another system, our Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that supports our Central Nervous System.  Your ECS has two receptors, the CB1 and CB2 receptors.  I like to imagine these as gates.  They open and close fluidly all day, telling your body to do things.  Pick up that pen.  Digest that lunch through your GI tract.  Stuff like that.  But, these gates need some WD-40 as we age.  They don't flow information as freely as they used to (think brain fog, emotional snapping in a moment, etc.)  So, Hapsy's Daily Drop is a CBD that helps those gates stay operating at an optimal state.  Our Soothe Stick is different though.  It's a topical relief, that can spot target an area for mild pain relief.  So, I use the Daily Drop every day around 2PM to help me during the "second shift" with my young children, allowing me a little extra patience and grace with them and I use our Soothe Stick on my neck if I'm working on the computer all day, my shoulder to tend to an old injury if it flares up from exercise, and on my feet anytime I'm found in heels. 

So ... you know my story.  I took it the first time and truly slept.  Tell me why that happened for me, and many others. 

For many people, getting to sleep is a real problem.  Consciously or sub-consciously, the weight of the world and its to-do list is keeping that hamster going on the wheel in your brain.  And, that fuels your body and brain to stay alert as opposed to allowing them to rest.  Evolutionarily speaking, a long list of errands to run can spike the same hormones in our body that used to spike when we were hunters and gatherers.  And any anxiety we may have will keep us from getting rest.  Anxiety can be a great motivational tool in the right arena and with the right dose.  But, too much of any of this, and we can't get that hamster off the wheel and let it take a nap.  So, CBD can be beneficial in this regard as it is allowing that anxiety to dampen and let that hamster come off the wheel, take a rest, and allow you to wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day. 

What is the key to using Hapsy?

The key is two parts.  1-- Find your trouble time.  Now that we know about the CB1 and CB2 "gates", you can imagine these trigger for people differently, right?  So, we always say find the time you're antsy, on edge, anxious.  For me, I start the day with 100% energy and by about 3PM I am toast.  I'm tired, I've reached decision fatigue, and I'm short with people.  So, I take a full dropper of our Daily Drop around 2PM every day.  I go upstream from my trouble time to negate it from coming on.  I also try and assess my day to know where I might need to bring in an extra dose.  If I'm giving a presentation, I'll use the Daily Drop about 30 minutes before my presentation.  If I'm going to a party where I don't really know many people, I'll use my Daily Drop to settle my jitters.  The 2nd key is being consistent.  Just because you have the Daily Drop in your purse doesn't mean it's going to work.  You have to use it and get to know yourself and your areas of discomfort.  Then you can work Hapsy into your routine to alleviate the discomfort before it begins. 

Why is consistency so important?

So, back to those "gates".  CBD contains amino acids, which are protein building blocks.  Using it sporadically isn't going to continually fuel your ECS to operate more efficiently. It's like flossing your teeth, exercising, or taking a multi-vitamin.  Continued use builds an overall healthier structure inside your body.

Tell me about your journey with the flavors and smells.  Why did you choose the flavor and smells you did?

Well, the base our Daily Drop is safflower oil and our Soothe Stick is beeswax.  These are choices I intentionally made as they are not only natural and plant-based, they are essentially tasteless and odorless. After using some other products in this category, I personally didn't want anything that was like weed or even medicinal.  I wanted something that was refreshing, light, and delightful.  Our Hint of Mint is truly that; a very subtle, light mint that just leaves you feeling refreshed. Pure Plant is our taste for the Daily Drop that is just "plain".  It's safflower oil as opposed to MCT oil, a common oil found in CBD.  Interestingly, MCT oil is also a common oil used as a "cleaner outer" as I say for long-distance runners and cyclists.  As our bodies age, our digestive system can't handle heavier oils, spicy foods, and even beer.  So, we worked on finding a gentle and light food-grade oil for Hapsy that worked with CBD but also didn't provide that side effect. For our Soothe Stick, I didn't want anything that had a "tell".  I think we all know that menthol smell, right? So, we purposely designed our smells in the Soothe Stick to be a Hint of Mint and then Magnolia. Magnolia is an ode to my favorite tree at my Maw-Maw's house in New Orleans.  A tree I could be found in regularly as a child, climbing and swinging from its beautiful branches.  

Why the name Hapsy?

I have always loved telling this story.  But, Paige, I really love sharing this story with you and your community because of the Jeep connection here.  I drive a Jeep Wrangler and just love a good sunny day in Atlanta where I can take the top and doors off, tie a silk scarf around my head, and cruise around town.  Those days where everything is not only falling into place and going right but you're also keenly aware of how good life is!  I personally strive for that feeling, that moment every day. I think we all do, right?  And I wanted a word to encapsulate that moment. And that is where Hapsy comes from.  We work hard to help people find Hapsy in their day, wherever they may be.

What would you like people to know about CBD?

It's not habit-forming and it's not psychoactive.  I know there are so many thoughts about "Can I get high?", "What if I become addicted?", etc.  I would strongly encourage anyone who is interested to talk to their doctor!  It's still so new and there are a lot of wrong connotations about CBD.  But, Hapsy is 100% free from THC.  We try and take away stress and anxiety, not create more, with our products.  But also, it's so important to state that CBD can only do so much. If you have any current medicines you're taking, it is important to talk with your doctor about how CBD can interact and/or help you specifically. 

If you would like to try Hapsy for yourself you can do so by ordering on the website.  I have both the stick and the drops and use both every single day.  I love both of the sticks but prefer the mint drops. I have a code you can use to order ... use code PAIGE and that code will give you $10 off site wide plus free USPS shipping. If you have any questions feel free to comment, send me an email, and I will make sure I get you the answers you need. 

Happy Wednesday ... 

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