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Dining Room Tour

If you follow me on Instagram, you spotted a live tour I gave today of our dining room.  When I talked about our garage organization, I spoke of how tidy our house felt.  I offered to do two tours, and after taking a poll, I was requested to do both the den and the dining room.  I gave a tour of the den two weeks ago, and this morning it was time for the dining room. 

I take a long approach to decorating our home.  I have done many One Room Challenges in the past, but I prefer to just decorate it over time and let it come to perfection.  I am a collector, love an estate sale, and have quite a few pieces we have inherited, so over time just works better for us.  The dining room was a real over time decorating project, and I could not love it more.  I painted it several years ago and then in 2020 and 2021 began to tie it all together.  Indeed the first two things were the paint color and the Duncan Phyfe dining table we inherited from my in-laws. 

The paint color, Benjamin Moore Pink Begonia, was chosen from the cover of House Beautiful magazine in March 2011.  I immediately decided I loved the color, and, after reading the Pink color article, I knew I had found the pink for our dining room.  It is an excellent mix of blue, pink, and maybe a tiny bit of orchid? The best part about the color is that I have loved it even more after this much time.  I think it really is just the best pink.

One of the many pieces and items I have found for this room, the pair of Frederick Cooper lamps is the most unique.  I had no idea what they were until I bought them; I chose them for the beautiful fishtail pattern and the swans.  It wasn't until I got to lunch after the estate sale I realized I got a fantastic score for such an excellent deal. If you search them now, you can find listings from $475 to $600+ per lamp, and the ones I snagged were $250 for the pair.  That was a fantastic day!

I also thought you would enjoy this darling corner with the Italian tassel bar cart that I have set up as a tea cart.  I have said it many times, can we bring back afternoon tea?  I would love my friends to show up for tea each day, and we could discuss the comings and goings of the day and what we have planned for the next day.  I think I would love it.  I styled this cart with a few books, a tea set I love, and my favorite Dodie Thayer piece, the pink and white clamshell. 

I hope you love the video; let me know if you have any questions!

Happy Tuesday ... 

1 comment:

  1. Such a beautiful room. Your mirror is stunning. Your use of color and bold mix of patterns was what drew me to your blog. I've just received my first issue of House Beautiful and also love this pink color. Well done!



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