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Sweet Tea Sangria

Doesn't that sound magical?  As in, maybe the drink of summer?  I sure thought so the second I read the recipe on Pizzazzerie.  As Courtney shares, it is easy to make, serves a crowd, and is delicious.  That is absolutely all I need to hear. As a tea drinker, I think this is truly a fabulous idea and perfect for summer BBQs where you make tea for a crowd and make a grown-up version for others. Tea + fresh fruit + wine, yes, please!! I am calling Sweet Tea Sangria the drink for summer.

I have to pause here and share that I adore Courtney and everything she creates.  If I need a recipe or am looking for a great cocktail, her blog and her books are my go-to's.  She is a tried and true resource for me, and this recipe is just one of many I have used from her website.  I have also made her Mint Julep Punch, Christmas Punch, and Fruit Tea. I would give her website and her books five stars again and again.

For this recipe, I used a bottle of rosé because I had it on hand, and who doesn't love a bottle of rosé? I also used strawberries, blackberries, frozen peaches, lemons, limes, and extra mint.  I love mint, and I think fresh mint makes everything better.  I also used store bottled tea because I had it and needed to use it.  It was so easy to make and sooo good. I love that Courtney shares you can make an all citrus version if you like; how beautiful would that be?  I think it would be perfect for the beach, or anything Florida, as citrus is synonymous with Florida. 

So ... just wash and chop your fruit, use a pitcher to combine the ingredients, and then refrigerate for up to 3 days and definitely an hour or so before serving. It is that simple.  You can find her recipe here.

Thank you, Courtney, for creating such fabulous drinks; this one gets a dog-eared page from me!

Happy Saturday! 💗

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