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Choosing A Stationery Suite

My grandmother was an avid letter writer.  She wrote and received a number of letters per day and it was so fun to see the joy on her face when she would get a response.  I, on the other hand, am not.  But, I strive to be as I love to receive a note in the mail from a friend, loved one, or colleague. It is truly so fun during Christmas receiving all the cards that arrive. My favorite part of receiving a note or card is seeing the beautiful stationery they chose.  I love seeing each person's choice of card, whether it be custom and monogrammed, or from a box that they chose from a shelf.  As my friend Anna Louise says, the stationery shows off your personality. 

Let me introduce you to Taylor Beach Design.  Taylor creates beautiful pieces that you can send with joy.  From seasonal favorites to something classic to my favorite, something unique, she has it all.  When we chose to add this day to our How To Look Like A Pro series, Taylor Beach was a hands-down favorite.  Taylor creates such beautiful pieces and has every single item from a folded note to wrapping paper.  You can choose a pattern and outfit your stationery drawer with all of the custom items you have chosen.  For me, a stationery suite includes folded notes, a notepad, gift tags, and gift wrap allowing me to show off my personality in every single aspect of my stationery choices.

I chose Cabbage Garden which showcases my low of cabbage ware, monograms, and all that Chinoiserie beautiful color. What I love about Taylor's pieces most is how many items I can choose in my pattern.  I can easily expand my stationery suite into items I use every day, like an ice bucket and a travel mug. To decide I checked out all of her patterns in a folded note and then narrowed it down to either Cabbage Garden, Banana Leaf, or Ribbons in Bloom. The decision was hard, they are all stunning!!

Since the items arrived I have loved writing to-do lists, sending thank you notes, and wrapping a gift or two.  I need to prep a box for my car for wrapping on the go with some of my goodies. Once you chose a suite and a pattern it really does make things so much easier.  Even if you just add a notepad and gift tags to your life you will find yourself more excited to make those lists and wrap those gifts. 

And you will be sharing a little bit of your personality with others. 😉

Don't forget to read Anna Louise's post and hear her love for her new pattern! 💗

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