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Upping Your Game For Coffee + Cocktails

I am super excited this week with the content I have for you.  Last week my friend Anna Louise Dixon and I prepared a lot of images, styled products, and did lots of research to bring you the best we could find.  Our goal?  To help you up to your game and look like a professional in your own home and life.  Now, let me say this.  What I mean by that is that you can easily add some items to your life to make it easier, and to feel a little more polished. So this week will be focused on How To Look Like A Pro in many aspects of your life.

So today, day one, is all about your Coffee Bar + your Cocktail Bar and we have partnered with Emily McCarthy Shoppe to do so.  Emily's Shoppe is filled with amazing pieces to stock your house with things that pull it together.  Whether you are shopping from the Gift Bar (items monogrammed and ready to buy + gift) or you customize something from her Entertaining collection, it is truly a breeze to do so. I own both items from the Gift Bar and items I have customized and they are so easy to mix together. 

Let me show you more of what I mean ... 

Starting with the coffee station in our homes, Anna Louise added swizzle sticks, napkins, and cute to-go cups so her coffee station is taken from amazing to the next level.  I can promise you that stirring your coffee with a darling swizzle stick is so fun and will instantly amaze your guests.  We all need a napkin under our cups, whether it be to keep them from leaving rings or to catch any drips that happen.  She chose the darling Cheers napkins which are always spot on. And how many of us want to take our coffee to go?  Well, these amazing to-go cups will keep it hot and keep you looking chic.  And the pro tip?  If you have a guest who would love a coffee to go I can promise you they will not quickly forget how darling your coffee set up and the to-go situation was.  It is just that simple and truly leaves you looking like a coffee shop! Ps, these to-go cups are on sale, so I would stock up for yourself and for gifts!

And your bar or bar cart ... prepare to take it to the next level.  Emily Post says the monograms in the house are all the ladies with the exception of the bar area.  Yes, that statement is from a long time ago, but it still stands for our home.  But, I realize that others do not do the same so this is where Emily's items are truly perfect.  I can tell you when you hand your guest a drink (with or without spirits added) with a monogram cup + custom napkin + a swizzle stick they will take notice.  And I can almost promise you they will ask you where you got such lovely items.  Your response?  Emily McCarthy Shoppe. My bar area is outfitted with custom napkins, fun swizzle sticks, and the best cups just waiting to be used time and time again.  You can buy these darling napkins or you can customize your own.  I have a number of special ones and use them so often.  I always get a comment on my napkins and it always makes me smile. About twice a year she offers them BOGO and I always stock up for gifts.  This year I am going to order a number of them for Christmas gifts as I get comments on them so often.  They are truly so fabulous. 

And speaking of cocktails ... Gris-Gris will absolutely assist you in creating the yummiest drinks, both leaded and unleaded. Anna Louise introduced me to her trick of mixing the syrups with Fresca and at my house, we tried them with Pellegrino and they were divine.  And even better, mix in a shot of your favorite tequila for a fabulous and spicy, but delish drink!! I am all about custom cocktails for events and for guests and adding Gris-Gris cocktail syrups to my life has been so fun.  There are a number of recipes you can try.  There are two varieties, Basil Habañero and Jalapeno Hex, and I can tell you the second is my favorite.  It is spicy but also so sweet and truly just delish!!

I hope this helps you to see that with just a few little items your coffee + bar cart can go from amazing to truly next-level fabulous. And if you need any help, just pop me an email and I can help you shop.  Do not miss Anna Louise's blog post on her coffee bar and all the tips and tricks from this week. 

Like I said before, it is going to be so good


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