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Lady Derby + Marble Monday!

If you were on your A-game last weekend, you spotted a Live interview I did on Thursday with the incredible Kelly Culley, also known as Lady Derby.  Kelly is an artist, an avid needlepointer, a true classic girl who, as she says ... always colors outside the lines. I absolutely adore Kelly, and I can tell you that you will.  She is a dog owner, a massive dog lover, and can be found most days with a glass of wine cuddled up with one of her dogs needlepointing away. I had the immense honor of interviewing her and learning more about her love of design, art, pups, needlepoint, fashion, the garden club, and her incredible outlook on life.  I had the best time and did not want the interview to end.  We have been following each other for a while on social media but had never seen each other in "person" and had only spoken on the phone once.  I am not sure if anyone else enjoyed it as much as we did, but I honestly had the most incredible time.  I ADORE her

During the live we spoke at length about her collection with Lycette Designs.  Kelly paints beautiful marble canvases that sell out in mere seconds.  Her latest collection goes live tonight at 8 pm EST and will sell out before the day ends!  The current canvas is a 10x10 blue marble canvas that is truly stunning. The canvas can be used to create a tray, a pillow, a bag, indeed so many things.  I love her marble designs, as they are so beautiful. The colors are incredible, and I love how beautiful they are, no matter how they are finished. 

I asked Kelly where her love for marble began, and I absolutely loved her answer.

 "I had been looking for the perfect marble textile pattern for a project and sat down one morning at my desk to sketch something myself to scratch what had become an obsession!  Naturally, needlepoint was top of mind.  I painted out one canvas, and the rest is history! Bright pop of color, endless composition possibilities, and spunky elegance. This marble pattern is a fresh classic that epitomizes the Lady Derby aesthetic. "

If you are a needlepoint lover, as I am, and a color lover, this canvas is for you. What I think is so magical is how quickly you can change it to make it something just for you.  You can trade out the colors, use it to frame, make a pillow (with extra fabric), add a monogram (which Kelly hand-paints), and your options are endless. I think I would add some pink into mine in the form of a monogram and then make it into a tray.  We don't have a needlepoint tray, and I think it would be incredible on the coffee table. 

Once again, the canvas launches at 8 pm this evening and will be in this category on the Lycette website.  Good luck, be ready ... and share when you get one. 

Oh, and stay tuned because her next release will be marble stockings.  Can you even??

Happy marble Monday!

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