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Shopping Southern Delicacies

Today is all about food, which I think we all love.  I love to eat as much as the same person, but if you make it for me, I am smitten. I think it just tastes better, or is that just me?  On this day of How To Look Like A Pro, we are talking about southern delicacies you can order online and enjoy or treat someone else to a great item. Ordering food by mail has changed so much recently, especially during the last two years.  Two companies I order from repeatedly and can vouch for would be Southern Baked Pie and Caroline's Cakes. These two bakeries are superior in what they do and deliver to you, or your friend will be a top-notch delicacy. You will get a fabulous thank you later.  

Southern Baked Pie is a local spot that I visit more often than I should admit.  Just last week, when I picked up this pie, I received a text from my husband that said, "do they have any hot chicken pot pies?".  Yes, he stalks me on Life 360, but he wasn't off in his request.  They are divine, and sadly, they didn't have any of what would have been dinner for two evenings.  The all-butter crust is incredible, and Amanda makes terrific pies, both savory and sweet.  We chose a Gluten-Free tomato pie, and I can tell you this ... you would never miss the gluten in this divine pie.  Filled with tomatoes and cheese, it is perfectly paired with a salad and a glass of wine for dinner.  If you are unfamiliar with a tomato pie, I can tell you this, it is a southern delicacy you need to know more about.  When the tomatoes are plentiful in the summer, you can quickly turn a pile of tomatoes into lunch or dinner in a snap.  Or, take my advice and order from SBP.  I have had several pies delivered to myself and others, and every single one arrived in perfect condition. Pop it into the freezer or serve it for dinner; you can not go wrong with anything from Amanda's bakery.  My personal favorites are the French Coconut Custard and the Chicken Ranchero Pie. Though I have yet to try one I really didn't love, they are all so good.  I can not wait to be able to order this summer classic; it is divine. 

The best part about ordering a pie for yourself or sending one to another is how easy it is to enjoy as a family or for you and guests.  You simply unbox the pie and serve (if you are local) or bake and fill your home with magic if you receive it by mail.  Spend your time with your guests and setting your table instead of heading to the market and praying your pie will turn out properly if you are me.  I love pie, both the savory and the sweet ones, but baking is not my foray.  I did produce a fabulous quiche for Father's Day that none of my children believed I baked.  Yep, it is really that bad. 😉

Now that we have thoroughly covered pie let's dive into cakes

Caroline's Cakes is a family-owned mail-order bakery specializing in Caramel Cake and a number of other varieties.  Her cakes are literally something that almost everyone I have spoken to has heard of.  A business that "began" with a caramel cake made at Caroline's son's baptism has turned into a second-generation owned business that even Oprah loves. My first taste of Caroline's fabulous cake came from a dear friend who sent me one when my husband was ill.  Her note, as witty as she is, said, " I am not good with words, but I can shop online like a pro. I do not think she could have said it better, and that is why I decided Caroline's Cakes had to be included in this series.  Want to look next level? Send someone a delicious cake from this fantastic online bakery.  The box arrives quickly, and you open it to find the famous red tin holding your new cake.  We froze ours upon its arrival and pulled it out the morning we wanted to serve it. 

Anna Louise and I chose the Pink Champagne cake, as you can assume because it was both pink and stunning.  And it was perfect.  It is light and beautiful and was perfect for our gathering of four for dessert. As I served the cake, I set aside the information card and learned so much I was unaware of.  First, the cake can be frozen and refrozen for up to six months.  So after serving the cake, I could put it back inside the tin (using their detailed instructions) and stick it back in the freezer for another time.  I added some masking tape on the top with the date and closed the freezer, knowing it would be divine the next time we host guests.  Every time I open the freezer, I see that iconic red tin and smile.  

In addition to ordering a whole cake, you can also order a 1/2 cake and cake bites.  How adorable would these cake bites be on a beautiful pedestal dish at your next luncheon?  Or ... you can ship all of this to someone you wish to celebrate or help out in any way.  If I could bake, I would deliver a cake in a tin to my friends and family.  But since we both know I do not bake well, I will continue ordering and shipping Caroline's Cakes to those I love and adore. And even better, they have Gluten-Free options to ensure all needs are covered. 

Is anyone else hungry?  I highly recommend you check out both of these fantastic online bakers; you will most definitely not be disappointed ... and you will have all of your guests wondering how you can make a delicious pie and spectacular cake in record time. 

Your secret is safe with me!!

Check out Anna Louise's blog today ... I am sure she has shared some tips and tricks I didn't even think of ... 

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