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Biscuits ... Not Just For Breakfast

I have often shared my love for Callie's Biscuits and the unique biscuit that Carrie Morey creates.  It is the best biscuit around with the addition of butter and cream cheese inside. The first time I had one of Carrie's biscuits, I was in Charleston, and I loved it so much I craved it until I returned a year later and really dove into my obsession. Since 2015, I have consumed several of Callie's little nuggets of love and have had them in many ways.  I love that I can buy them online or in my local market and bring them home to share with my family. But, biscuits are not just for breakfast and can be enjoyed all day long if you get creative.  Today I have tips for you on how to do just that ... and the many ways these little yummies can be enjoyed all day. 

I do my best to keep boxes of Callie's in my freezer at all times.  At the moment, you can find the buttermilk, blueberry, cheese, and chive varieties just waiting to be enjoyed.  With these three, or any of her excellent options, you can make breakfast, lunch, a snack, an addition for dinner, and even dessert.  I am telling you they are indeed that good. When Anna Louise was in town last week, we decided that using Callie's Biscuits in your everyday life was a great tip to share in our How To Look Like A Pro series. A biscuit is a great idea, but being able to pull out a box of Callie's and create so many things with that one box is truly next-level good. 

Let's start with breakfast.  My favorite tip for breakfast when guests come over is to serve them Callie's. They look homemade, taste homemade, and came from your freezer about thirty minutes prior. I love to serve buttermilk, blueberry, cinnamon, and even the cheddar for breakfast.  You can serve it with scrambled eggs, fruit, and fresh juice, and your breakfast is made. Every time we travel and near a market that carries Callie's, it is the first thing I add to my grocery list. They are easy to make and give you a taste of home no matter where you are. Pro-tip, order them ahead and have them delivered where you stay. And if you are a guest, a box of Callie's goodies makes a fantastic hostess gift. You will most definitely be invited back time and time again

If you have never ordered biscuits online ... I recommend you start with this package.  It will give you a few different varieties + pimento cheese + jam.  You will order it again and again, and it makes the best gift! 

But let's expand on that "biscuits are just for breakfast" idea.  How about lunch?  The cheddar, cheese, and chive varieties are ideal for ham sandwiches and any sandwich.  They would be incredible for tomato sandwiches, egg salad, chicken salad, and more. My favorite is making extra in the morning and having them ready for lunch. A little bacon, a tomato, and some lettuce, and your BLT just hit the charts. Suppose you need a snack for yourself or some hungry guests. In that case, you can add some biscuits to your charcuterie board for a pleasant surprise or even serve them alongside some incredible pimento cheese that will be a crowd-pleaser. My absolute favorite idea came from Carrie's selection of recipes and can be found here. Does that not look incredible?

Breakfast ... check.  Lunch ... check.  Dinner, how about that board?  Yes, please. But did you think about dessert? Anna Louise and I combined fresh strawberries, buttermilk biscuits, and whipped cream and made the yummiest Strawberry Shortcake.  Not only was it so good, but it was so fun to use those leftover biscuits in such a sweet and beautiful way.  

Anna Louise is gluten-free, so when I made breakfast, I made both blueberry and gluten-free and then used the leftover GF for dessert.  As you can see by the beautiful smile on her face, it was truly delicious. And pro-tip, I used the lavender simple syrup to sweeten the heavy cream.  I do not think I will be able to go back to using sugar again. 💥

So the next time you need biscuits, order Callie's, and the next time you pull a box out of your freezer, pull two and go ahead and cross lunch and snack off your menu for the day.  You have it all covered and in the best way ever. 💗

Don't forget to check out Anna Louise's blog for more tips and tricks! 

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