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How To Quickly Set Your Table

Anna Louise and I took a bit of a break in sharing content we worked on together, but I have to share, that this may be the best of the best.  In our series, How To Look Like A Pro, our goal was to share tips and tricks that would make your life easier and would cut down on time when doing things in your house and on the go.  One of my favorite things to do is set the table.  It was my chore as a child and it has blossomed into my favorite part of the meal as a wife and mother.  Sometimes setting the table can take a few if you decide to set it with a next-level feel.  That is unless you are using products from the likes of the darling RoseanneBeck

RoseanneBeck creates stunning stationery and paper products, all of which are truly so stunning.  My favorite pieces she creates are the products from her Home Entertaining section.  This is where she truly stands out, outfitting your table from the table runner all the way down to the napkin ring and the place card. We chose the beautiful Wonderland pattern in Turquoise which may be the chinoiserie pattern of your dreams. Each piece is designed beautifully, die-cut, and made of the most beautiful quality.  The moment I opened the box and took each piece out and laid it on the table I was smitten. 

I started the table with this table runner and then layered the die-cut placemats on top.  If I had just stopped here it would have been stunning as the Wonderland pattern is really just gorgeous.  The birds, the monkeys, pagodas, and the details.  It is truly so beautiful.  

From there I added some of my favorite plates and paired the pieces with a set of Opaline glasses to bring out the turquoise in the placemats.  What I love most about these pieces was the napkin rings.  I have never seen table pieces that include napkin rings, much less these darling options. I was able to slide the napkin rings off and have used them twice since.  They are really, so fabulous. 

The icing on the beautiful table were these place cards. Have you ever seen something so stunning?  Not only are they so beautifully detailed but they also make amazing gift tags as you can see tied to the wine bottle. With a simple hole punch and stunning ribbon, it quickly moved from a place card to the prettiest gift tag.  I love that these pieces can be used in different ways. 

From the moment I took the plastic off the table runner to the time I placed the place card was mere minutes.  I was able to create a stunning and beautiful table with our plates, our flatware, and a few of the prettiest RoseanneBeck items.  I can not recommend it more, it is truly as easy as it seems. 

If you love this pattern you will love all of her pieces.  I am telling you, these are incredible. I have a list of pieces from the site that I will use next.  Can you even handle this pattern?  Don't forget to check out Anna Louise's blog post and see what she chose and how she styled it.  I am telling you, RoseanneBeck is a brand you need to know. 

Happy Wednesday ... 

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