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Clean Product Lists

I have been talking all week on Instagram about clean products for your laundry room, kitchen, and bathroom and I love the amazing feedback I have gotten. I also love the questions, I have learned so much researching items I did not know, and, for that, I thank you all. I have made a list of items I would and do use for you to trade out what you have in your home. With this list, you can clean your bathrooms, your laundry, your dishes, and every surface in both the kitchen and bathroom.  What I hope you remember is that you don't need to be spending a ton of money to make your home clean.  Yes, maybe at the beginning but these products are meant to last and clean well.  The number of products you will be using will be cut way down and that, alone, will save you time and money.  As always, I am here to answer any questions you have! 

Here are the products I use and how I use each of them ... 

Thieves surface cleaner
As a scrub with added baking soda
Literally, all the surfaces

You can sub in Dr. Bonner's Sal Soap for the same purpose

(All Thieves products need to be used from an amber bottle as it contains essential oils 
and those are affected by the sun.)

Seventh Generation Dishwasher Tabs - dishwasher (these are a bit more than the market options, but they all won't leave all the residue in your dishwasher which should help the appliance as well)

Tide Free & Clear Detergent - must be powder

And I think that is all!

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