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Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 17

Happy Monday!  I think this is the best day for this type of post as I can recap my week and weekend for you and share things I love. This weekend was full of adventure as I spent it in Northeast Alabama in the darling town of Mentone.  I highly recommend you go and when you do, stay in the sweet home of Bee On The Brow.  You will love it and the darling hosts.  I can not say enough about them and their fabulous gift of hospitality. 

You must go. 

So ... here we go, diving into the goodness of last week and things that crossed my path and into my shopping cart. 

This dress.  Oh my, it is the prettiest and most comfortable thing.  I love that it is truly remarkable to wear all day and be satisfied or dress it up a bit and take it to dinner dress! It was a gift, but I can tell you if it came in more colors, I would buy it in a heartbeat.  Use my code PAIGEMINEAR for 15% off this piece and anything else on the website

I have done a deep dive into the lovely website of Lady Holiday as of late.  If you are a vintage lover like me, you will truly love everything.  I was gifted a few things, leading me to do a deep dive.  I just favorited a few more things to snag for some birthday gifts.  I have saved her shop to go back to time and time again.  It is really so perfect. What's on my favorites list?  Well, this necklace, this pin (add to a cardigan), this bag!!, and this ring I so wish fit me.  You will love Lady Holiday!!

I shared this video last week; many of you bought this pill organizer box.  Chronically Chic is a must-know company selling darling pill organizer boxes and travel options to keep your daily medication organized and looking the best it can.  I have this box and this travel zip around, and I can tell you first hand I love them both.  For those who take medication daily, it is easy to stay organized and look chic doing it. I can not recommend it enough, you will really love this company!

My favorite part is the tagline on the website.  "Being sick sucks. For people living with chronic illness, life is filled with pills, pokes, and appointments. It’s a lot to manage. Chronically Chic products are designed to help you reclaim your life, your health, and your style." Amen.  

MaylisWrite this down.  My sweet friend Lisa has designed the most exquisite shoes, and they are probably the most comfortable pair of shoes in my closet.  I met Lisa in February, and one of my first questions was about her shoes.  Lucky for me, she is the designer and has just released four styles that I can tell you are must-haves.  I own the Catherine Loafer, hands down the softest and most luxurious shoe.  My friend Ashley and I were discussing Maylis last week, and she and I agree they are the most comfortable shoes we own.  I can not gush enough, and I have a blog post coming soon.  You must check out Lisa's shoes and follow along as I have been told another release is coming in September.  I will share more soon but check them out immediately. Yes, they are a bit pricey, but good shoes are always worth the investment. 

I have used N√©cessaire deodorant for a few years and really love it.  I just bought this gel and I really like it.  My go-to scent for this brand is eucalyptus and it is like walking into a spa every single time I open a bottle. If you are a stick deodorant fan this is the brand I swear by. 

This dress (its a classic) is currently $75

This bathing suit in two colors is currently less than $50

And this suit ... less than $50 and even more off if you spend $100+

These slides.  I am replacing a pair I have had for three years and have worn literally out. 

I hope you all have the very best day!! 

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