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Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 18

Well, that was a break I didn't expect to take. Two weeks off from the blog, first vacation, and then prepping for school to begin was all-consuming in honestly the best way possible.  I indeed had no intention of not writing, but one day led to the next, and finally, I just gave in to the schedule of our time as a family.  I intended to lean into the summer as a family, and in the last two weeks, I finally just gave in.  It was truly remarkable, and it feels weird to be "back" to work.  I feel like I am cheating on summer and my family, but school has begun, and our summer break from school is over.  Every morning will start to feel more like the school year again ... and I will be patient with myself until it happens. 

I figured the best way to step back in would be one of your favorite posts, a round-up of things I bought and loved over the last month.  I have such fantastic and fabulous things to share, and I hope you adore them

First up, my favorite bathing suit.  I shared this suit at the beach and am here to share it again; it is my favorite suit I have ever owned.  It is thick, fits perfectly, and comes in such great colors.  The bonus is it is still on sale. I have light blue and navy.  If I was to buy more, I would snag black and red. Two of the colors are $21, and the other two colors are $74.  It is hands down my favorite swimsuit. The other one that really has my eye is this one.  It comes in many colors, some of which are inexpensive.  I swear by J.Crew swim; it fits so well and is thick and fabulous. 

I was researching tortoise napkin rings for a photo shoot and found these.  Are they not the cutest, maybe ever? Tortoise is a year-round pattern, but I love it most for fall and winter.  I think these would be so pretty for Thanksgiving! While on the site, I also found these darling plates and matching napkins.  It is not on the fall theme, but how cute are they?

I know you all remember the white jeans I swear by, and you all have snagged in the dozens. Well,  I have found the blue version that is just as good.  These jeans have my favorite button fly, are flared and cropped, and the price is fabulous.  I call that another win! 

Weezie, the best towels around, has launched kitchen towels, and I have loved mine.  They arrived, and I have used them every single day since.  My kids are not great with towels, they seem to wipe all the wrong things, so I have been cautious with these.  However, they have been washed and worn beautifully.  I really love them and give them five stars for yourself and gifts. 

Have you watched Never Have I Ever?  The third season just released, and it's darling.  If you loved The Summer, I Turned Pretty, this series is one you will love. And it gives me such joy to watch this while my girl is finishing high school. 

I really enjoy Aperol. I found about a year ago a splash of Aperol in a gin + tonic gives it just the extra touch I love.  Recently I have found that you can elevate an Aperol Spritz in a fun way with a bit of tequila.  It is so yummy; I hope you give it a try. 

I spotted these darling flats last week and ordered them in pink and blue.  I think they are cute dresses and will be ideal with jeans for fall. The price is fantastic!

And last, these leggings.  One of my favorite influencers shared them, and I loved the scallop. I do love anything with a scallop, but if you don't, I recommend these.  And they are under $20; some are only $11. They will be so fun with a Dudley pullover for the fall. 

Happy Monday to you ... I hope your day is magical

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