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Summer Items I Would Buy Again

I was folding laundry and putting away another stack of post-trip clothes and accessories, and I stopped for a second and noticed a pile of things I had bought this summer and loved.  I realized they were things I would buy again in a heartbeat and decided I should share.  It was a great summer, and with only about a month left of summer, I am absolutely still really leaning into my favorite season.  I will love fall when it arrives, and I feel settled, but summer is hands down just the best, in my opinion.  So with that ... let's chat about what I bought and really loved!

Woven wedges ... These shoes have been so good.  I love anything woven, and a wedge is always a great idea, so this shoe was a perfect combination. They are on clearance, so get them quick before they go.  I just bought the black option today. 

Nap dress in gingham ... Nap dresses are just so comfortable.  I don't know what else to say.  And a nap dress in gingham is just essential, in my opinion.  You can wear them in the fall with a denim jacket or a sweater, so I just snagged two more; the pink gingham and the green gingham.  I can't wait for them to arrive. 

bathingBathing suit ... I can't stop talking about this one.  It is a must-grab before it is gone, and I would buy more than one color. If your store has it, I would order online and pick it up in the store; it was cheaper there the last time I popped in. 

Linen coverup ... this purchase was an amazon get, and I really loved it. I got the pullover and the button-down and probably wore the pullover more on non-beach trips.  I would buy both of these time and time again. I bought the pink for the button-up and the blue for the pullover. 

Keyring wallet ... This! I bought it so I wouldn't be carrying my keys and my purse to an estate sale and pop in for a quick errand.  I absolutely love it.  It makes a great gift and is perfect for a new driver!

Table lights ... My friend AnnaLouise has been raving about these for a few months, and I bought a pair for a photo shoot.  I can't believe I waited so long.  I have the brown but want the gold and the white. They are perfect for setting tables and more.  We used them to eat outside to watch the sunset on a windy night when candles would have been a bad call. I love them. 

White dinner plates ... We all love a great white plate, and this one with the scallop has quickly become a favorite for me.  You can also get it in a salad plate if you prefer a pattern plate in the back. They are stunning in person. 

Amazon slippers ... these were also an AnnaLouise recommendation. I spotted her wearing them and, when she told me they were under $25, I bought them immediately.  They are perfect for traveling as they take up no space and give you a pulled-together look when you show up for coffee in your PJs. 

Walmart towels ... On our beach trip, we found the towels in our VRBO to be pretty thin, so I decided to check out the towel collection at Walmart when the girls were grabbing snorkels.  I found the best white towels for less than $15 each. I grabbed the bath sheets (we love this size); they were thick and washed well.  I will use them for my girl next year when she leaves and add a monogram so she can know which ones are hers.  I would buy these towels again and again. You can buy them in singles, or they also come in a set. 

Sunglasses ... I was influenced by Sarah Tucker with these sunnies and have worn them all summer.  I love the tortoise and that they are inexpensive, so I won't be sad if they get scratched or lost.  They are good!

Hat hanger ... I saw this hat hanger somewhere on Instagram and ordered it immediately.  It is strong, and I found I can put two hats together, and they will stay on the side of my tote. It is so helpful!

Weezie head towel wrap ... This is a must-have.  I have used it every single week since it showed up.  I have also packed it for multiple trips, which is so good.  I am clearly addicted to using it after washing my hair. 

With that all being typed out, I just decided I need to buy a few head towel wraps for gifts and a few hat hangers; they are so helpful. 👒

Happy Thursday, loves!

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