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Vietri Limoni

VIETRI is one of my favorite brands to own and use, and I am thrilled to partner with them for this project. When we first discussed working together, I could choose my favorite collection to present, and hands down, I decided on Limoni. My grandmother was Italian, so I grew up eating pasta and Italian meals regularly. My comfort food is pasta with fresh ingredients, warm and crusty bread, and a simple salad. This meal is always a crowd pleaser and has never looked better than served on these gorgeous lemon dishes.  Vietri describes them as ... "cheerful, vibrant, and iconically Italian," and I think their description is spot on.  With the gingham tablecloth, the fresh herbs, and all the lemons, I felt like I was eating somewhere in Italy and not on my beautiful deck.  It was a fabulous meal and a beautiful one made possible with the stunning Limoni collection and other beautiful Vietri pieces. 🍋

I really love every single piece of the Limoni collection and love how simple and beautiful it is.  The pattern is bold yet easily pairs well with other items.  I could have easily added a charger or a salad plate from another collection or from my own stash.  The plates are thick and generous and hold so much, that you could fill the plate with extra pasta, which, of course, I did. 

VIETRI Limoni is handmade of terra bianca in Tuscany and Vento.  You really are bringing Italy home to your house. The pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe.  They are each handmade which means there will be slight differences in each, making them every more special. The Limoni collection, as with all of them, allows you to bring Italian culture and design into your life and your home. The pieces are handcrafted and made in Italy from highly durable clays and then hand painted with glazes that are meant to last.  You can collect and add to your pieces over time knowing they will last. 

My collection of Limoni consists of dinner plates, bowls, a stunning pitcher, a medium serving (perfect for pasta!), and a stunning figural lemon bowl.  As I stated above, perfect and yet so easy to add on at any given time. I paired the dishes with Aladdin Clear flatware and the prettiest blue glasses from the Contessa collection.  My goal was to really lean into the Italian in me and prepare an experience that made me feel like I was eating in an Italian café.  The glasses are the perfect pairing for the Limoni and were ideal for water during the meal and a crafted cocktail after. 

On my wish list to add to the pieces I own are the oval platter and rectangular tray along with more of the figural lemon pieces.  I love the details on the all-white pieces. They may not have the lemon pattern but the darling lemon bowl I used for the salad has the most gorgeous pattern showing.  It is one of my favorite pieces of the entire collection. 

To give myself even more of an Italian experience I chose to pair it all with blue linens.  Blue and yellow with pops of green really gave me vibes of a lunch or dinner in Capri. The napkins and placemats (I used them on the sideboard for covering) are from the Bohemian collection. The print is fun and adds color and dimension without being too busy for my liking. The placemats are reversible which is a fun little extra.  I almost used a white tablecloth and used the placemats as a runner, which is another idea for you. 

VIETRI Bohemian linens are 100% cotton made in India. They can be washed in hot water up to 100 degrees and are best when laid flat to dry.  They are stunning and the patterns are so fun for this setting but also so many others.  I love that the placemats are reversible giving you more than one pattern when using them. 

Just looking at this image makes me crave a pasta lunch, it just looks so good, and it was!  I will have the recipe for the pasta and salad tomorrow.  I promise not to leave you hanging. I chose recipes that used a lot of lemon, both in juice and zest. Oh, and all the cheese.  It is a must for any Italian meal. The size of the serving bowl is perfect for serving pasta and I love how the pattern runs up the side so I can still see it after I filled it with so much.  That is an entire box of pasta and then all the goodness of tomatoes and cheese on the top.  The peep of the lemon is perfect for a picture-perfect entrée. 

I use pitchers a lot during meals and entertaining.  When my children were little they would always ask for extra water during the meal thinking they would be able to get up and grab it or I would for them.  I decided a pitcher was ideal to keep us all in our seats during the meal. The Limoni pitcher is so generous, holding 9 cups of liquid.  It is also such a beautiful piece and would be beautiful set out on your counter, or even holding a tall and flowy floral arrangement. 

The Aladdin salad server set was perfect for this meal.  I could serve the salad and also use the oversized spoon to serve pasta. I chose to use the set for the pasta and we used our forks to serve the salad holding them as a set. I also love the clear handles and how they reflect the blue of the tablecloth.  In a number of places, the flatware appears blue.  I love how simple and elegant it is and how it will show off any table linen it is placed alongside. 

VIETRI Aladdin is available in a variety of hues both brilliant and antique.  It is crafted of high-grade acrylic and 18/10 stainless steel and is made by Bugatti in Lumezzane, Itlay.  It is dishwasher safe and very user-friendly. This will not be my last set of this amazing flatware. 

This meal was so delicious and I just loved how the Limoni dishes made it feel so simple yet elegant.  These dishes will get so much use from us, maybe it needs to be my choice for every Italian meal I make, which is a go-to meal for me. There is nothing more comforting than warm, salty pasta with fresh ingredients.  It is a crowd pleaser for sure. This would also be the perfect setup for entertaining friends as it would give them a dining experience ... which is the goal for me while entertaining. 

A little extra lemon zest right before serving is a must.  Lemon zest, juice, and all the fresh shaved cheese for both the pasta and the arugula salad. 

Those glasses ... let's discuss them and the yummy cocktail I created for after dinner. VIETRI Contessa glass comes in a variety of hues and sizes. I chose the stemless wine glass and used it for both water and a cocktail.  I love the way it fits in my hand.  The collection is made in Naples and is meant for everyday use.  It is inspired by the grace of an Italian countess and most definitely makes me feel like one while I am sipping the yummy cocktail below.  My next addition will most definitely be the water glasses to match.  I also added the champagne flutes to my Christmas wish list.

I love how perfect the Bohemian placemats covered our sideboard for this cocktail station.  As you can see the one in the middle is flipped over showcasing both of the patterns. It actually wasn't intentional but works perfectly. I served Amalfi Lemonade which is a recipe I created with a friend a number of years ago.  The recipe card was hand-painted for a different occasion but fits perfectly here. 

I used large square ice cubes in the glasses and loved how it kept the drinks cool but also provided less space for ice.  I am all about a full drink. I think the Contessa glasses look incredible with a pale yellow drink inside. These glasses are stunning and most definitely were the perfect choice for this table and the meal. 

Once again VIETRI has won my heart.  Previous to this partnership I owned a beautiful vase and a few of the Christmas pieces.  Recently I acquired two of the Lastra pieces in July and I love them both.  I guess you could say I am a huge VIETRI fan.  The stunning handmade pieces are highly durable and collectible and once you dive in you find yourself a true collector.  I know that the clay and glazes used are meant to stand the test of time and use so I will have mine and being to add to it for quite some time. 

VIETRI, your Limoni collection has my heart and my dedication.  My Italian roots would be so pleased to see me continuing traditions from long ago and serving it all on your beautiful dishes. 

Stay tuned for more recipes in tomorrow's blog post. 🍋

Images by Angie Webb Photography

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