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Fall Classics From Talbots

I think I re-discovered Talbots about 4 years ago when a fellow blogger friend posted a fall round-up from the local shop.  I have to say I was shocked as I had not visited Talbots as an adult and really felt like it was more for my mother's age group.  But, I was very wrong and have since taken a page from my mom's handbook and shopped Talbots consistently from that day. I remember the first thing I bought was a denim jacket and a pair of their Ponte leggings, both of which I still have and wear all the time.  Talbots is known for its classic and timeless clothing, allowing us to build a wardrobe we can be proud of and go back to time and time again. 

This fall, I have shopped the new items more than ever. In buying less fast fashion and more timeless staples, Talbots is one of my go-to's. In the last two weeks, I have been in two stores, tried on everything that was me in the new arrivals, and walked away with some really, really great pieces. In the next two weeks, you will see me share them repeatedly as I have three trips, some very short, and every single trip, something is getting packed and worn.  So, get ready!

Let's talk about my favorite pieces, which were harder to choose than I thought. This shirt is at the top of the list with its striking stripes, classic cut, and longer length.  You can wear it long, tie it at the waist, and even layer it under jackets and long sweaters for many different looks. It is a staple piece; I only wish it came in more color options. Next, let's talk about these pants.  They are so comfortable and flattering with the side zip and the striking contrast stripe down the leg outside.  I have them set aside for New York, but they will get a ton of wear once it gets chillier.  Speaking of pants, we all need great black pants, and this style is great for dinner, meetings, and any day you wish to dress up just a bit more. They are so comfortable, versatile, and side zip for a flattering fit.  I have the black but also want the khaki. These pants give a polished feel for every day.  They would be perfect for airplane travel with a t-shirt and an oversized sweater. 

And, sweaters and jackets.  Talbots is a go-to for me in this area.  First of all, their sweaters aren't cut short, risking my abdomen showing when I prefer it not, and they are always great classic color choices that will be great season after season.  I have a red SKI sweater from three years ago that I love to wear in the winter, and I wish it was available for all who ask about it. This jacket is so striking.  It has a Chanel feel with the black and white combination and instantly gives an outfit a boost.  If you pair it with black pants and a bodysuit or black sweater, it is a proper Chanel-inspired outfit.  Just add some darling contrast two flats to complete the look. If you love a more casual look, this sweater with oversized pearls wins the contest for a must-have classic button-down sweater. 

Also for some truly honorable mentions, let's look at the pieces I have on my wish list. 

These pants - adorable!
These boots with that bow!
My favorite leggings!
This plaid jacket!
This pullover!
The perfect pink coat!!

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