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It's The First Day of Autumn!

We have had a BIG week.  Our daughter turned 18 on Wednesday, we have Senior night for fall sports tonight, and tomorrow we head to HHI for an overnight tournament.  I am genuinely just trying to keep my head above water this week; it has been a lot of emotion and excitement all at the same time. Why do our babies have to grow up?  She is having the best senior year, and every time I think I will break down in tears over it, I see her joy, and I am once again filled up. 💗

Autumn is here, and the air is beginning to feel like this morning. I felt a little chill when I opened the door for the pups today, making me want to fling open all the windows and break out a sweater or three.  But then I remember I live in the deep south, and this could also be just a tease, and tomorrow will be 91 again. 😂

I have shared many times that summer is my favorite of the seasons, and it takes me a few weeks into autumn to love it.  Once it is chilly and we are snuggling on the porch for movies, I am all in. I moved to Georgia years ago in October and experienced my first true autumn, an extraordinary time.  Once the leaves turn and I can drive around with all the windows down, I am again 23 in a new state beginning a new life. It was a magical time for me, and I am thankful for that first step into our lives in Georgia that created the life I have now. 

I have learned some steps to help me ease into the new season with more excitement, and this year having some fun pumpkin pajamas were at the top of that list. Aren't they just so adorable? I love all my Printfresh pajamas, and these are so much fun! (use code PAIGEMINEAR for 15% off)  I added a vase or two of sunflowers + orange roses around the house and ordered some fun gingham pillows for the porch (with outdoor inserts) to go with the plaid blankets I set out for chilly mornings and evenings.  Honestly, autumn is my favorite porch season.  College football + a fun fall movie + apple cider cocktails, + warm blankets are just magical. 

In addition to pillows, sunflowers, and even some darling PJs, I recommend a list of fall movies.  I think watching You've Got Mail each year sparks the feelings I am searching for just at the right time. I keep some DVDs in a basket in our den, ready to be played on repeat while I work in my office.  I recommend You've Got Mail, Rudy, When Harry Met Sally, Hitch, 13 Going on 30, and Somethings Gotta Give. A great movie, some fun coffee creamer, and a warm apple cider donut with your scrambled eggs are a complex combination to beat. I love these mugs for autumn; something about them makes me think of a warm beverage! 🍎

And last, but definitely not a step to skip for me ... I love adding a few cozy pillows to the sofa in the den.  I spotted these the other day and thought they were so fun; they look just like a great cozy sweater. Two on my sofa mixed in with my pillows would be fabulous!  

The only thing left would be the weather to cooperate ... which it will in time.  As sad as I always am to see the summer season go, I go love a crisp morning to start the day!

Happy Thursday!

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