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Leather Pants I Love!

I honestly did not see myself as a leather pants girl.  I see them on other people and love the look, but I wasn't sure it was for me until I tried on a pair and fell in love. I didn't mean to try them on and love them, but it happened, and I honestly can't look back. These leather pants are so good, fit so well, and have become a piece in my closet that I dream of styling. They are really that good

I shared a week ago that I am heading to New York City this week, and the leather pants definitely made the cut. I styled them for the most important day I would be there, a day with Better Homes & Gardens, but I also started dreaming of how else I could wear them. I played around this weekend and came up with four different ways to style them.  From casual to dinner out, these pants have quickly become my new favorite thing in my closet. 

Do you love it?  I am completely smitten!  

The pants I bought fit true to size and are currently on sale for 25% off ... so snag them while you can!

Happy Tuesday ... 

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